High 5: Pastors Appreciation Month

The five pastors I appreciate this month:

  1. Pastor Ken Muck – Countryside Bible Church: Not only is the man my father but he is an inspiration to me everyday.  Dad listen’s to what I say.  He’s never told me I was too young or did not know what I was talking about when we ponder life issues.  He lets me “work things out” as we discuses church and politics.  I think I see my dad’s impact in the community and that makes me want to get out of my office and do more.  (I just hope I never talk under my breath like he does.)
  2. Pastor Matt Embry – Family Bible Church: The man is one of my best friends in Highland.  He holds me accountable, asks tough questions, and lets me borrow books and magazines.  His drive to see “church” continue is incredible and is one of the best admin guys I have ever witnessed.    I have no doubt that Matt could work me under the table.  He inspires me to keep going and stay focused.  I also love how he reminds me to always stop to help people in their needs no matter whats going on.  The biggest reason I appreciate Matt though is because I know him as Matt.  Not Carrie’s husband or Addie’s dad, but I know him as Matt Embry. A guy who like softball, motorcycles, and a good time.  I respect that he keeps himself an individual but still radiates love for his family daily.  He’s not a bad Halo player either.
  3. Pastor Don Estep – AWANA Missionary: Seriously, just listen to the man preach.  He communicates the word clearly, openly, and honestly.  He also provides the “next step” when preaching God’s word.  Every time I talk to Don I am encouraged and recharged.
  4. Pastor Steven Furtick – Elevation Church: Can I get an AMEN.  Who doesn’t like Steven Furtick?  I read his blog daily, study his church religiously (no pun intended), and love the young vibe he brings to the table.  I love his passion and commitment to keeping “church” fresh while ministering to people’s needs.  Steven is the man!
  5. Pastor Rick Warren – Saddleback Church: Rick has done something these past couple of years that few pastors do; he has changed.  He threw out all his trademark shirts, re-thought church, and focused in on the worlds needs.  Rick is the master at using his status to bring focus back on the gospel.  Study the Rick Warren we have seen these last couple of years compared to the Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

What pastors do you apperciate this month?


1 Response to “High 5: Pastors Appreciation Month”

  1. 1 Hillary Martin October 20, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    Very informative posts, love the look of you site.

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