10 Great Leadership Goals for 2010

The following is from Catalyst.  Catalyst is all about helping you improve your leadership. Part of improving is setting goals for improvement. If you don’t already have goals for 2010, here are some ideas:

1. Connect deeply with God
If you’re not doing this, you should not be leading Christians.
– also, date your wife, love your kids, exercise regularly, save money, blah, blah, blah…

2. Read the Bible in 90 days
By doing it so quickly, you’ll easily make connections between scriptures and establish a strong overview of God’s Word.
– B90X is a great reading plan designed by Elevation Church.
– if 90 days is too intense, YouVersion now has 20+ customizable reading plans.

3. Read books
“Leaders are readers” – if you’re new to this, try 12. Or go big for 24.
– Rhett Smith recently published his list of his top 30 most influential books.
– 100 Enduring Spiritual Classics
– Top 10 Leadership book lists abound

4. Mentor someone
– Jesus did it, Michael Hyatt is doing it, and Regi Campbell’s new book tells you how.
– basically meet w/ a younger person(s) regularly to share what you’ve learned.

5. Connect with 12 new people in your field
Pay for their lunch. Ask some questions. Listen.
– 12 other local pastors, or 12 leaders.
– Even consider reaching-out to your perceived competitors.

6. Attend Catalyst
Seriously, invest in leadership development of some time. Unless you’re perfect.
– Catalyst West Coast is April 21-23 in Orange County, CA
– Catalyst East is Oct 8-10, Atlanta, GA
– We’re having a ONE DAY event in Chicago, March 25

7. Start a Blog
Or write that book proposal you’ve been meaning to write.
– Writing a daily or weekly blog will give you scads of content for your book.
– WordPress is by far my favorite free platform for blogs & it’s easily customizable.

8. Be a Servant
Jesus said whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant. The first shall be last, the last shall be first.
– Maybe you should not start a blog this year & not write a book.
– Serve your team, take them to lunch, learn about them, meet their needs, make them better, develop them.
– Find a non-profit that needs volunteers & help them monthly or weekly.

9. Sponsor a Child
If you’re not sponsoring a child, you suck. Just kidding. But seriously.
– It’s only $30/month with Compassion International
– If you can’t afford it, sponsor a mentor, $10/month
– Or if you’d prefer, invest that money in helping a poor family near you.

10. Take a trip internationally & see the global church up close
If you haven’t done this, this is your year. God is doing AMAZING things around the globe.
– This will give you a better perspective of what God’s doing, His global movement.
– Many leaders have been radically changed by what God showed them in other cultures. You can too.
– TravelZoo.com is a great resource to find travel deals.

11. Say no to Porn
Or stop over eating, or stop losing your temper, or stop buying clothes.
– Fighting & resisting temptations is good for you, makes you a stronger leader, and makes you better able to help others struggling with temptation.
– XXXChurch has a new X3Watch app for the iPhone. It’s free. No excuses.

What are your goals for 2010? Share in the comments below, if only to help other leaders who haven’t set goals yet!

Great stuff!  Keep going strong in 2010!


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