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Sermons on the Mower

Lets face it.

It takes a long time to mow our yard in the country (about 3 to 4 hours including weed-wacking process).


I figured out a long time ago that you can get a massive amount of audio intake accomplished just from putting headphones in your ears while riding on the four hour grass onslaught.  In addition to listening to my audio bible on the drive, I also listen to a good amount of sermons from guys across the globe via podcasts.

Here’s my selection of messages from mowing the other day and my thoughts:

  • Andy Stanley “Why Less is More Part 2″ (Leadership Podcast via Northpoint Community Church) – Andy should have been a CEO of a massive organization but lets all be glad he’s not.  His incite on the leadership that must take place within the church is priceless.  In this session Andy tackled useful ticks on doing what you are called to do (i.e. what you’re good at) and delegating the rest to people who are gifted/skilled outside your gift set.
  • Pastor Steven Furtick – Elevation Church Podcast “The Forgiveness Offensive – Part 1 (from the “F-Bomb” Sermon Series)” – Furtick unrolled, perhaps one of the best messages I have heard on forgiveness.  In his message he gave a little different take on the common stance some Christians have on forgiveness.  Some people think we as Christians should “roll over” to forgive people when others offend you but that’s not always true.  I think you should just go take a listen to the sermon.  It was one the best of the day.
  • Joel Osteen – “#438 – Programming Your Mind for Victory” – I wonder how many people just read that I listened to Joel Osteen’s podcast and completely wrote me off.  I think that’s sad. Let me explain.  While I wouldn’t call Joel Osteen a “pastor” (I think of him more as a motivational speaker), it’s important to keep an eye on what’s going on in his ministry.  Lakewood church averages more than 43,500 in attendance per week.  Joel is big on the power of the mind and in this message he says, “If you think it, it will happen”.  While I don’t always agree with a lot of stuff he says, he is a fascinating person to watch/listen to (he should have sold used cars). His ministry is mind boggling. Therefore I’m watching/listening to you Joel.  You fascinate me.
  • Pastor Mike Fanning – “Overcoming Fear in Sharing our Faith” – Mike is our (Bethany, Corinne and I’s) new pastor in Bremen.  I’ve been listening to him since we started walking with the church.  His application in the armor of God has got me thinking big time about the implications of what the armor of God actually means to the Christian.  I love his practical approach to applying the Word of God to the People present in the congregation.  Key thought, “How beautiful are the feet of those who carry the message of Jesus”. Who are your feet beautiful to? Hmmm….

After the last message is usually about that time I get off the mower and feel like my head is going to explode.

I absolutly love the church, the Bible, and my Jesus who died or my sins.  Mowing is by far the worst thing to do in the world but podcasts and audio bibles make something extremely tedious seems not so bad.

How are you utilizing your time?


He Who has Ears, Let Him Hear

Audio bibles for the longest time have been far from great. The past couple of years there has been no good way for people who have a hard time reading to fully indulge in their bible. I have always hated the audio bible because it has been done so poorly (imagine that). Then someone came along and decided enough was enough.

Two great audio bibles

  • Inspired by . . . the Bible Experience: The Complete Bible: “Inspired By…The Bible Experience is exactly what its title indicates, an experience. I’ve listened to many audio Bibles over the years, but none have achieved what The Bible Experience has, which is to bring the Bible to life in a very real, compelling, accessible and experiential way. I would strongly recommend that you listen to it and share it with others. I guarantee it will change the way you and they engage with the word of God.” –John C. Maxwell, Author, New York Times bestselling author
  • The Word of Promise: New Testament Audio Bible: One night, over two years ago, while reading to my children from the Bible, the vision of a dramatized version of the Bible began to take shape in my heart. Why not engage the powerful medium of audio to impact lives with the Word of God as the radio shows from yesterday impacted me as a child? We could reach more people. Only a few years later and by the profound grace of God, the combined efforts of an incredibly talented group of artisans have brought forth an audio New Testament that I believe will stand the test of time. I’ve never been more excited or passionate about a project and I want to thank God and everyone who has touched this in their own unique way…especially you. Savor these eternal words “which will not pass away” and may many blessings be yours as a result.” –Carl Amari, EO, Falcon Picture Group, Producer, The Word of Promise

Inspired By (TNIV version) is great but the Word of Promise (NKJV) is seriously amazing (not because of the translation). Inspired By has a jump on the competition with the release of the entire Bible. They have terrific Old Testament works with actual singing of the Psalms and other great parts. However, the Word of Promise is brilliant in it’s score and voice placement. Anyone looking for a “new” way to read their bible should pick these up. They are both worth the money.


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