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Neglected – Week 3 Message

Neglected – Week 3 from Community Gospel on Vimeo.

Easter Weekend Recap

Easter Weekend 2013

Kids Testimonies

Teenagers Testimonies

Adult Testimonies

Bonus: Easter Egg Hunt

Resolve to Renew Conference

I’m way excited for this event our church is hosting!  If you can make it out and live in the area, we would love to see you there! Check it out:

Struggling with your New Year’s Resolutions?

Resolve to Renew.jpg

We make resolutions on New Year’s Day to become better people.  Our hearts are often in the right place, but somehow, our resolve doesn’t quite translate into results. So why not do something different this year?  Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, try writing a God-directed personal growth plan for your life.  Writing a personal growth plan starts with the biblical premise that God is the one who causes authentic change and lasting personal growth in our lives.

This year, let’s “Resolve to Renew”!  Join us at Community Gospel from 9:00am to 12:00 Noon on February 12th as Bill Allison from Cadre Ministries will help show us how to become better leaders, husbands, wives, students, and servants of Jesus Christ.  This conference is $25 for singles and $35 per couple.  Book is included in price.  The deadline for registration is February 6th.   Childcare is available.

For additional information and online registration, visit our website: and click on the Resolve to Renew icon at the bottom corner of the page.  Or visit:


Missed a Sunday and would like catch-up on the sermon?  Our CGC website is kept up-to-date with the latest sermons every week.   Easy Link: Or, subscribe to our Podcasts at:

God is doing great things!


Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We pray that this time of year finds you spending much time with family and friends as well as reflecting upon the reason for celebrating this season.   We know that many of you have much to be thankful for this year, and we join you in that sentiment as this has been a year that we have seen the mighty hand of God moving in our family.

2010 brought many changes to the Muck household – the most important one being the birth of our beautiful daughter, Corinne Grace.  Born June 1, she weighed six pounds fifteen ounces and was 21 ½ inches long.  She was born with a full head of dark brown hair and hasn’t lost it!  We’re still not sure what color her eyes will be, as some days they’re blue, brown, or even green.  Being parents has taught us much about the love the Father has for us, as nothing compares to the immense love we have for her.  She brings a new source of joy every day as we eagerly await each of her “firsts.”  She’s a very good-natured baby – not fussy at all, and she loves to giggle and babble away.  It’s so fun to sit and just listen to her!  We are very blessed to have her in our lives now.

Another big change in our lives occurred in August:  Jordan took a new job in Bremen, IN. So, we bought a house in the country, and on August 4th, we packed up a u-haul, our van, and two pick-up trucks to move our small family five hours away from our home of four years in Highland, IL; however, we’re very thankful and excited to be living much closer to family and to close friends now.

Jordan is the new Associate and Youth Pastor at Community Gospel Church, and he loves it!  We’re making new friends quickly and are both enjoying being mentored by the rest of the staff and their spouses.  Jordan tells me everyday how much he feels at home here, which is certainly something to be thankful for!  He’s very busy, as he has more responsibilities in this position, but the youth group is already flourishing.  Renaming the youth group to Velocity, the new program has been running strong since September now.  It’s certainly a lot of work and long hours for him, but we know God is blessing his work at the church.  We’re both looking forward to how God is going to continue to move in this church and in our lives while we serve with this strong family of believers.

After finishing my master’s degree, having a baby, and moving, I took a break from teaching piano.  It’s been a lot of fun to stay at home with Corinne and watch her grow; however, I’m itching to get back to it and plan to start my studio back up in January.  Please pray that God will send some students my way to teach.

Thank you for all of your prayers this past year.  They’ve certainly been felt as we’ve journeyed through these many exciting and life-changing moments.

Merry Christmas!

-jordan (and Bethany)

Welcome to the Family

This week we welcomed Jonathan David Eckberg, our new Director of Worship at Community Gospel Church family.

Jonathan will be an awesome addition to the team as we continue to elevate Jesus in communities we serve here in Indiana. He will also be a great partner to help keep those boys away from my beautiful daughter.

Welcome to the family Jonathan. We are so glad you’re here.


Indiana Pride

Well, we have been in Indiana for almost a little over a month now and I have to admit, its been an incredible experience so far. Here’s a few big things I love about being up north.

  • Our House: Goodbye renting, hello responsibility.  Home ownership is outstanding.  We live on a corner lot with great neighbors (we take their two kids to church) and an even better location in proximity to the church (a little less than 5 miles.  We used to live about 7 miles from the church). If you haven’t had a chance to take the tour of our crib, you can see the video of our house here.
  • Our Church: Community Gospel has been outstanding in so many different ways.  I work with so many great people in a great location.  The congregation is serious about elevating the faith but staying consistent in having a good time in the process. It’s an awesome balance.  I seriously love the focus on internal personal growth with the saints and a focus on external missions inside the local community and taking the gospel to the world globally.
  • The Weather: Saint Louis is/was full of humidity in the summer and bitter cold winds in the winter without snow.  While we have had our hot days here in the past month, it’s no where near as humid.  We also get lots of snow here (or so I have been told) to which I will take any day over the cold wind and ice.

There is seriously so many more great things to list and so much more to come in the future.  God’s going to do an amazing work here for sure.  Keep you ear to the ground, you’ll hear the rumble.

I promise.


Until We’re Kings

The following is taken from my good friend, Jonathan Eckberg‘s new blog. Go over there after reading and give him some love.

I was extremely excited to get my hands on the final mixes of the new Until We’re Kings worship EP, “Heirs” yesterday.  It’s been a four month process from the start of recording to where we are now.

For those who are not familiar with Until We’re Kings (which is 99.9% of you), here’s a little background:   It’s a worship project I was fortunate to be a part of with my buddy Jordan Muck, who is the Associate/Youth Pastor at Community Gospel Church in Bremen, IN.  Jordan and I had a few songs laying around and we worked up a couple new ones together and decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and throw them down for posterity-sake.  Jordan called in his college roommate Justin Long, who now works out of Washington, D.C., to come to southern Illinois for a week in late March to produce the songs for us.  We then enlisted the help of Cory Done to play percussion.  Cory played with us on the worship team at Highland Community Church, so he was an easy pick (the dude is a fantastic musician, he’s like a machine on the drums).  On top of that we convinced Jordan’s wife, Bethany, to help us out by laying down some vocals, which was crazy impressive as she was like 6+ months pregnant at the time.  Once the songs got back to DC we got even more vocal help from Anna Long and Jessica Long.

We spent a solid week doing basic tracking and vocals.  Then Justin took the tracks back to the Powder Mill (his studio in DC) and cleaned them up by adding some more piano/synth/bass/vocal/etc. parts to the songs.  That was followed by Justin and I passing tracks back and forth over the internet for me to put some finishing touches on some guitars, piano, and vocal tracks at Papa’s Place Studio (Erie, IL).  Now he has finished with the mixing process.

Next step for us is to have the mastering done by Mike Kalajian (30/30 Club Studio) and the actual production of the disc and we should be ready to roll this puppy out.  Our goal is to have the physical copies of this 6-song EP ready for sale by October 1, with digital copies available on iTunes soon after.

UPDATE: The physical disc should be for sale at this years youth leadership camp in Converse, IN where Jonathan will be leading worship and I will be speaking.  Keep your ear to the ground for more information on the release.

We’re excited!


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