So I was having some problems getting everything to run on one cylinder.   My e-mail  has always been something that has bothered me.  I think e-mail frustrates everyone at some point in life.  I felt like all my time is spent logging on to internet e-mail websites just to get some random junk that I don’t need.  However, there are times when I do need important messages from church or friends.  It is key that I get that mail due to the lack of my never getting paper mail (well except for just that comes almost every day from credit card people).  Point being i got more than one e-mail account and I wanted to merge.

I finally got Outlook express up and running.  I have always tried to install but never got anywhere  If you don’t have multiple e-mail addresses (and if you don’t, your doing awesome!  I still wonder how I ended up with more than one) then ignore the rest but if your having problems getting everything setup on Outlook read on.  Why not use Mozilla’s e-mail client?  Well you’ll find out later.

Go ahead and install Outlook like normal.  I have a gmail and a hotmail account so that’s what I can help with or more less give you some websites that I used that will help out immensely.  After you have installed Outlook, click on these places for help in setting up your accounts.

For setting up your hotmail account on Outlook click here.

For setting up your gmail account on Outlook click here.

I would also recommend sending test e-mails to your accounts using the e-mail website and then pressing the send/receive button on Outlook to see if the email came.  I hope this helps anyone who is looking to combine multiple accounts and set up Outlook Express.  I know it sounds easy to some but i have family that are always struggling with e-mail and the internet.  These sites are good even if your not good with computers.  I know my way around but I realize that not everyone else does.  I tried Thunderbird (Modzilla’s mail client) like i said before as a e-mail client, but I found out it doesn’t support hotmail.  lame.

send to receive.



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