I have had some crazy dreams the past nights. It’s incredible. I was starting to wonder when I was going to dream again. Does that ever happen to you? You dream for awhile and then nothing, nothing at all. Dream world passes by and you forget how much fun it was when you were “dreamin”. I haven’t dreamed in probably three months, and now, bam, I’m back in the game. I love to dream, it’s so cool. The whole time I’m dreaming my mind is thinking and trying to figure out what is going on. It’s as if I keep doubting if this is the situation that I am in real life or the dream is actually taking place. I want it to be fact but something inside says this is a little out of place, it’s got to be fiction.

Dreams are the only time when all the objects, people, and places in the world come together to make absolute crazy situations. It’s the only time where we find ourselves comfortable with a place that is totally uncomfortable. If we were uncomfortable then it would be a nightmare and that is another story. I think about my relationship with Christ while I’m “dreamin”, or more after the dream has happened. I think about it all day long sometimes. Call me weird but you know you do it too. You spend the day trying to remember all the details and you can’t put them together.

I think this relates to Jesus. Everything does so pay attention. I’m totally comfortable with Christ as long as I am in control. I want to be in control of the objects, people, and places. In a dream you can’t be. You have to let go. You have to lose control to gain control. In a dream you can’t remember all the details. You want to so bad but you just can’t. I try so hard to remember all the details about what the bible says and live my life but man do I mess up or more spend the day trying to remember the details and fight for control but God says, “give me the control, I’ll give you the details in time”. Last night I spent a lot of time in confession. Not Catholic confession, but confession to the Lord. I spent time just asking God to restore my soul. I spent time asking him to help me remember the details more. I asked Him to take control. I asked Jesus to make some things right in my life.

God assures me all the time that Heaven is just like the dream, he even tells me that real life sometimes feels like “dreamin”. When I follow Him close, even though I don’t understand all the details, that they will someday come together, as long as I continue the walk and further the relationship that I have with Him. One day it will all make sense. One day the relationship will be made perfect. When Him and I meet face to face, He will reassure me that this was real. It will be totally different than anything I have ever imagined. Bigger than any dream I ever dreamed. Greater than anything I could ever imagine. More importantly, that it was all worth it in the end. That our relationship wasn’t a dream. That God and I were actually hand in hand the whole time.




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