Hebrews 10:23-25 “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up on meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another and all the more as you see the day approaching.”

Spur is a translation from the word provoke. To provoke literally means to annoy or aggravate. Provoke means to stir up, arouse. Provoke means to incite or to stimulate. When we live by biblical standards we should start to annoy. When we live by what the bible says we start to aggravate the world. We got something that others don’t.  I like when my teenagers tell me that there getting to someone at school.  That means that there having an impact on someone’s life for good.  Young people start to stir up hearts. We should all start to stir up hearts when we live for the Lord.  We should start to arouse interest in Jesus and we should stimulate others by what we say and what we do in love and good deeds.

A young man walked into his father’s home office while he was working in the evening hours. The father had little time for his kid due to the amount of work his job had given him. A merger in the company caused weeks of work robbing him from time with his family. The relationship with his son was decaying quickly. The child got an idea. Every night the kid would walk into his fathers’ office, look around, say hello, and sit in the chair directly across from his fathers’ desk, and smile. He never said a word, just smiled. The father thought it was cute at first and smiled back, saying hello to his son, and going back to his work. The young man never said anything, he just smiled. Day after day the kid would come in and sit, smiling at his dad for hours. After a week of taking the gesture, the father became angry and aggravated. How could he work with this kid in his face? He finally reprimanded his son. He told him that he had work to do and to please leave him alone. He begged his wife to remove the boy from the office with no luck. Finally, after a couple weeks of torture, the father gave in. He looked at his son ad said, “What is it buddy? What do you want?” The boy looked at him and smiled as big as he could and said, “Not’n, just rooting you on Dad.”

Sometimes we get so annoyed that people are rooting for us. We get really upset that people are there when we need them. We just want to be left alone. I wish I could count on my hand how many people a day I hear screaming, “Leave me alone!” to people who care about them. Sometimes it’s absolutely annoying that we have people who care so much so much about our Christian walk. Admit it, you get that way. Why? Why are quick to push people away who care about us? Why do we get so aggravated that people would go out of there way to help us?

What about you? Which person are you? Are you the father or the son? Are you helping or hurting other people around you? Are you spurring on one another toward love and good deeds? Are you so concerned about someone else’s walk that you go out of your way to love and care about them no matter what they say or do? Are you so focused on Christ that you can’t help it, you can’t sit back and what them suffer anymore? Hebrews tells us to keep on loving each other.

Who are you loving on?



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