We went to West Virginia this memorial day to go white water rafting with the young adults in our church. It was awesome to hang out with our friends as well as make new friends with people we don’t know as well. Everyone brings something new to the table. A good mix of people came on the trip which made everything interesting. I love the people we have in our college class and the young adults in the church. I wish more of the young couples would join up with us. The people that went are a good group with great hearts for the Lord. They are all different and all individuals with numerous interests. I love young people. They are free thinkers, on fire for the Lord, who can do no wrong.

Anyway, let me give you a run down of our campsite and the campers we shared land with. We stayed to the bank of this farm field, just off the place where the grass grows high and you can’t sleep. The tents were set up next to a fire pit with three camp sites all around us. To the back of our tents some young college kids stayed. The smell of booze and marijuana leaked over to our camp site the last night we were there. Typical of a campsite, no matter where your at. They didn’t bother anyone, we just let them go. Honestly, the only thing we payed attention to was their dog that ran around the site stealing our baseball. The other two campers sites are the real thing to pay attention to.

The campers in front of our tents were a group of bikers that knew how to party. The first night we were there I couldn’t help but become fascinated with their way of life. I was dumbfounded at the way they lived. I found myself watching them over and over again. Longing to join up with them just to talk about motorcycles and the open road. I fell in love with these people because they were so real. Motorcycles, tattoos, and a good time. Count me in. I could have cared less about their drugs and alcohol. I just wanted to hang out with real people. Unfortunately, I never went over to their site and said hello. This is still haunting me.

The other site was the site to our left. The campers were a group of Christians from the D.C. area. This was the group that we made friends with and hung out with after the first night. I went over to say hi to them because I saw them reading their bible and praying in the morning. I really had no interest in these people to be honest. However, they were Christians, so I felt obligated to go and see what they were all about.

What I’m getting to is a question. What group would Jesus have gone to? How would he have handled the situation? I know I did exactly what God didn’t want me to do. My mother always says, “If you want to strengthen your faith, hang out with the unsaved.” How true is that? I could have had an impact on the people I wanted to go hang out with. I didn’t because I was scared that the group I was with was going to think less of me or not understand why I was going to hang out with bikers. Even worse, what if one of our group that had nothing in common with the bikers went with? This has nothing to do with the people I was with because they are great people. If they weren’t I wouldn’t have gone on the trip. Honestly, what if one of our people, who is totally opposite of myself, came with me to hang out with the bikers? What would that group say. “Your cool, but your friends not like us.” This happens all the time whether you want to admit it or not.

What do we do in these situations? Have you been there? It’s a lose, lose situation if you ask me. This is so hard for a young pastor like myself. I want to reach out to others with God’s help but sometimes I just wish other Christians would stay where there at. Is that wrong? Is that bad of me to think that way? Am I limiting God? How do you encourage someone to stay put?




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