This week I will be away from the church attending Catalyst Conference.  Rhett Edwards (my youth pastor buddy from Ohio) and I will leave on Wednesday morning to head to Atlanta Georgia.  I will spend Monday and Tuesday at Grace College visiting some of our students that we have sent to that fine learning institution.

I passed on pastors conference early this year.  Pastors conference is on stand by for awhile.  I feel at such a young age, as myself, Christian leadership is more important than listening to a pastor talk to a bunch of other pastors about what they do at their church.  If it’s working in your church, awesome.  However, I think God wants us to be leaders where we are.  Don’t get me wrong, some pastors conferences are great.  I’ll probably return to one in a few years.  However, right now I think Atlanta is where God wants me to go learn and experience Him.

Catalyst is a pretty sweet event.  Catalyst is all about shaping leaders in the Church.  During the event people will be presenting some big ideas, practices and content.  I’m stoked to see what’s in store.  In the years past, the people who I have spoken to have said that Catalyst re-ignites the passion for Christ in their life.  For some of my pastor friends, a leadership conference is a great re-charge.  Something I need right now.  At Genesis I see some kids who need a kick in the pants.  Our students have leadership potential that they need developed.  I hope to gain some understanding in how to equip them so that they can engage and impact their world.  Relevant training, innovative events, and cutting edge resources for leaders in the Church is what the event is all about.  I’m there.

Never stop learning.


P.S. Thanx to all my facebook friends that came out to check out the site.  Please don’t forget to bookmark the page so you can check it out later.  Add it as a link from your site if you will, the more people who check it out the better.  If you have your own site let me know.  i would be happy to add you to my blogrole.  God Bless.


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