What do you do with your time?

This Sunday was pastor’s appreciation’s Sunday. It’s weird to me that people do take the time out of their day and thank my wife and I for what we do. This is something that I have wanted to do my entire life. I love the ministry. I told Bethany that I would have no idea what to do if I wasn’t in full time ministry work. I love people and I love to see people change because of what God is doing in there life.

A lot of times I get the question, “What do you do with all your time?” or “How do you fill up your day / week?” While many pastors want to laugh at this question, I think its fair. People really don’t see what pastors do. Their curious about it. Ministry is much more than a forty hour week. The time it takes is unreal and we find ourselves “on call” twenty-four seven. I rarely think about how much time I put into it because ministry is not only my job but my life. Some pastors wish they worked a forty hour week so they could punch a clock and not take work home with them. Sometimes I feel that way but I hate punching a clock and I hate looking at how much time I worked. i just do what needs to be done.

Do pastors really work? That is the question everyone wants to know. Let me tell you what I did this weekend and you can be the judge of that. Keep in mind this is just a weekend. I also hold some office hours, run programs in the week, do worship, and council individuals. Although weekends are not usually like this there is almost always a weekend like this once a month or similar to it. I didn’t put my week up because I really didn’t want to see how much I put in this last week.

Friday: Friday is my “day off”. However, I don’t think I ever have a set day off. I’ll work on stuff if it needs to get done. I did two hours worth of work in the afternoon to get everything set up for the lock-in. Bethany and I got to church at 7 p.m. to start working on getting everything in place for the students. The kids rolled in at eight which kicked off the night. Bethany slept for an hour while I stayed up. I refuse to sleep at lock-ins becuase we need to keep watch on the students and make sure everyone is safe and not getting into trouble. We also run games with the kids all night and show a few movies to keep them going. Even if everyone falls asleep (which never happens) I still stay up. We locked the church doors at 7:30 in the morning and headed home.

Saturday: We slept for a little bit in the morning which was a good recharge. I did an hour of work for the youth group in the day and then worked on some homework (I’m getting my masters degree in Biblical Studies. No, I do not count school work as “work” time) At 5 p.m. we started getting ready for small groups which we were hosting at our home. People started coming to the house around six to seven and the last person left the house at midnight.

Sunday: We always get to church at 8 a.m. Bethany leads the first service worship team and I help sometimes. If I am not leading with her, I am doing odds and ends around the church. After church we go to Sunday School and then this Sunday we had a potluck afterward. We made it home by 1 p.m. I worked on getting youth group finalized for the night for an hour and we got back to the church at 4 p.m. for worship practice with the Genesis team. After youth group we go to Dairy Queen with the students. We left D.Q. at 10:30 p.m. last night to go home. I got home and sent out a few e-mails and updated the website which took an hour. I was in bed at 12:30 p.m.

Combined time worked this weekend = 35 Hours

It was a great weekend. 19 Junior high students made it to the lock-in, small groups went great, and Genesis is always smooth. On to another week!

be nice to your pastors, they like that.



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