When the rubber meets the road

I don’t think I can afford to put any new tires on any one of our vehicle’s rims (even though my bike needs them bad but its cold outside so it can wait).   Within the last two months I have had to buy eight, (yes, you read that right) eight brand new tires.  Bethany’ cars needed them  a few months ago due to a blowout on the side of the highway and I found out the Corsica needed them today as well.  The guy who put them on looked with his head cocked and said, “How did these last this long, its kinda a miracle?”  Thank you very much car tire guy.  You brightened my day.  I love you!

Anyway, besides being totally broke now, I did manage to talk with this old guy while my car was getting worked on.  He was a cool, calm, relaxed retired man, maybe in his early 70’s.  A young buck, as he told me!  He was like the grandpa that you never had but always wanted.  We were talking about cars the whole time.  Just me and this gray haired old man that who thought I was something special because I had over a hundred thousand miles on my little black beast.  He told me he would have gotten tired of the car along time ago.  I laughed at him as he told me why he got the Mercury instead of the Lincoln.  “Saved 1,500 bucks” he said.  Awesome.  I told him I would have gone for the Lincoln, he laughed.

We talked for awhile and he must have gone and checked on his car in mid conversation about four times to my zero.  He wanted to make sure the guy who put on the tires was doing a good job.  This guy was really something special.  I have no idea his name, or actual age, just that him and I enjoyed each others company while our vehicle’s were being worked on.  We shared smiles and a few laughs for a few minutes out of the morning.  The amazing thing about the whole conversation was that him and I “bonded” over tires.  We didn’t talk about anything spiritual (on a surface level).  We just got our wheels changed.  Mine were worn out and his had a screw in the sidewall.

People are like that, aren’t they.  Some are worn out and some got a screw in their sidewall.  Either way you look at it, we all need a tire changed every once in awhile.   Who’s changing yours?  Are you doing it by yourself or letting a professional help you out?  So many life lessons here.

What an amazing morning.



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