Jesus ruined your life?

Have you ever heard someone say Jesus has “ruined” their life.  I have read from some post-modern Christian authors about how Jesus “ruined” their life.  Christians are saying that “Jesus destroyed their life” and they can’t go back to their old ways.  Shouldn’t Christ do the opposite?  Shouldn’t we be glad we are Christians?  A life in Christ doesn’t always produces negatives.  It’s a good thing that Jesus pulled us out of the pit of hell.  Where’s the joy in Christianity?  I understand what they are saying (I’m not going to explain) but at the same time it is a hard concept to swallow that “Jesus ruined your life”.

The devil would like me to believe that a relationship with Christ is anything but a good time.  As a matter of fact, the devil delights in the fact that I even think about contemplating this issue because it pulls me away from the Lord.  The more we think that Christ “ruins” our life, the more we buy into the lies of Satan.  This also ruins my chance of finding the joy in a relationship with Christ.  Have you ever thought how many people in this world have been ruined by Satan’s lies?  Think about it, God’s love is far better than anything else that we have in this world.  God’s relationship doesn’t destroy our life, it gives it meaning and purpose.  God’s love gives us lasting joy. The more time we spend with God on a daily basis, the more we can rejoice for what He has done in our life.

Stop saying that Jesus “ruined” your life.  Jesus didn’t ruin anything, your attitude did.  Start seeing the joy in the Christian walk.  Let the joy of the Lord fill your heart. Ask Him to remove anything that is coming in the way from fully experiencing His joy.  It’s only then that we will discover the joy of obeying Jesus.



3 Responses to “Jesus ruined your life?”

  1. 2 mark artrip December 6, 2007 at 9:46 pm


    lets talky talk or video chat if you rock a mac.

  2. 3 bright December 21, 2007 at 7:01 pm

    When people say Jesus ruined their life, they are not implying that a magical being somehow intervened and interfered with their life. They are referring to the fact that they wasted so many of their precious years worshiping and praying to a mythical being who does not exist, rather than relying on their own drive and determination to mold their life into the life they want.

    There are no lies from Satan, and there is no word of the lord. Religion, Christianity or otherwise, is a superstition created by man out of a need to find comfort. Unfortunately, most religions have morphed into extremist cults, power hungry organizations, businesses designed to bilk people of their money, or any combination thereof. Religion is the bane of our society and is the cause of many problems, or the scapegoat used to further other agendas. We need to relieve ourselves of this plague that threatens to destroy us.

    The sooner you realize you are living a lie, the happier you will be. I know, I was one of you.

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