Living Free

“Point me down your highway, God; direct me along a well-lighted street; show my enemies whose side you’re on. Don’t throw me to the dogs, those liars who are out to get me, filling the air with their threats.”  Psalm 27:11 (MSG)

Sometimes I have no idea how I landed in the desk I am sitting in right now.  I constantly question how God could use a sinner like me to relay his message of hope, truth, and love.  When I was a teenager the highway I traveled on was literally the “highway to Hell”.  No street lights, no cars passing by, just a worn out, beat up kid wondering down a dark four-lane without a hint of hope or a car to ride in.  I remember that kid.  I revisit him sometimes when I’m down.  I ask him questions.  What were you thinking?  Did you know that the decisions you made on that road would affect me still to this day?  He has no response, he can’t respond becuase he died along time ago.

The non-Christ follower thinks his path is a well lit avenue.  Almost as like a delusion that he has created in his mind.  A pipe dream that makes up for his blind handicap.  When I came to know Christ I acknowledged the fact I had a handicap.  God placed his hand in mine as we walked down a new freeway that only He knew.  When I came to know Christ he didn’t remove my blindness right away.  He let me live with it for awhile as to say, “You’re not ready yet to see where I am going to take you, just hold my hand and follow me, that will be enough for now.”  God walks with me slowly.  It takes me awhile to get things and He understands that.     He is patient as we travel together.

I remember when I started to see God’s vision for my life, when my blind handicap was removed for the first time.  I could see down the road a little but I could never see the entire road.  As a matter of fact, the more I traveled, the more I started to see construction sites up ahead.  I would get upset with God because He was working on part of the spiritual freeway.  I would get upset that I had to slow down.  I was moving so fast!  I was doing so good!  Why would God put a 45 mph sign up in a 70 mph freeway!  I might not have understood why God was working on the road but I remembered as I slowed down that God doesn’t have to tell me a thing.   His plan is perfect.  I had to go back to what He said to me when I was blind.  “You’re not ready yet to see where I am going to take you, just hold my hand and follow me, that will be enough for now.”

On the spiritual turnpike, I look behind me and I see where God has taken me.  He is a companion on my journey,  a guide with accurate directions, someone who is always there.  I can see God in the rear view mirror, out my windshild, and even out the windows of my faith build automobile.

This is too much, too wonderful.  I can’t take it all in!



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