Seizing the moment

There are areas in life where we need to be sure and solid on the actions we take. Thinking and praying before acting pays out dividends.  Some other ways to seize the moment in making decisions.

  1. Spend time in the word as much as humanly possible.  Understanding scripture aids in making a hard choices. 
  2. Be ready to act by using the Bible.  Let God be glorified by remaining faithful to Christ first.
  3. In sending out e-mails, take take at least an hour to write out.  E-mails are less threatening and non-evasive but easily misunderstood.  Read e-mails repeatedly to make sure the point is loud and clear. Never send an e-mail out after dark! 
  4. Think and pray.  How will God be glorified? How will this affect the people in this situation? Am I handle this situation in a Godly way?
  5. Verbal communication is key but often words are taken out of context and misunderstood. Record important conversations to evaluate what just happened. Shut your mouth and listen. Is there any truth to what this person has to say? What can I learn from this person? What can I learn about this person?

Seize the moment.


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