Wonderful Weekends

I know that many of you were praying for my wife and I this weekend due to the ordination events that took place in Monmouth, IL. For those of you that didn’t know I traveled back to my home church to get ordained this weekend. There is a lot to ordination (more than doing it online which is a joke!). Here is how the weekend played out.

On Friday I had the ordination council to go before. This council was compiled of eight pastors in the area and some of the members of their board. There were board member that were present as a part of the counsil from the church that would ordain me as well. I hold a non-denominational view (I am an independent, bible teaching, pastor to put it simply) and do not claim a certain denomination so my father (who is a pastor of the church who did the ordination) asked pastors from a few different churches to comes. Some of the denominations that were present included baptist, pentecostal, non-denominational, and presbyterian churches. I compiled my ordination statement for the council which started at one in the afternoon. They asked questions for three hours regarding what I believe and then went into separate session. The counsil voted unanimously that I should be ordained and passed that to the church which would meet on Sunday. I was absolutely exhausted after the meeting.

Saturday I did some work for the church and rested before Sunday.

Sunday we had church. The chairman of the board took what the counsil said to the church that they recommenced that I be ordained. The churched moved that I should be ordained through Countryside Bible Church. The vote passed unanimously. My father gave a message as a charge to me and the church (which I will give the notes to later). They gave my wife and I some gifts and laid hands on us to pray for our ministry. We left church, drove three hours to get home to Highland, had praise band practice, junior high meeting, high school meeting, went home, did preparation work for the board meeting on Monday until 12:30 a.m and then decided to go to bed.

The weekend was so great and GeNESIS went awesome last night! The next goal is to finish my masters degree by the end of the year.

Here we go.



1 Response to “Wonderful Weekends”

  1. 1 Church January 8, 2008 at 7:23 am

    Sharing personal experience is great thing, with God’s grace and blessings very soon you will reach your goal by getting the master degree. Thanks for sharing your weekends post.

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