Ordination Notes

My dad gave me a call at the ordination service last week in Monmouth at Countryside Bible Church. I told you I would put the notes down on paper when I got the chance. This is directed at me and my ministry as a pastor but other ministers, teachers, and students of the word can learn a lot from these notes. Be strengthened and encouraged in your walk with Christ.

The M’s of ministry

  1. The Man – 1 Timothy 3:1-12. Above everything, you must make sure that you love the Lord and serve Him with everything you got. Part of Serving the Lord is making sure your family has a solid relationship with the creator. (2 John 1:4)
  2. The Ministry – 1 Thess. 2:3-12, 1 Peter 5:1-5. As pastor we must lead people like a Shepard. No matter how much you may want to at times, don’t drive. Work with people, not at them. Concentrate on cultivating the art of thinking. In the ministry make sure that you manage your time well. Remember that it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. Prioritize well. Make sure that you are disciplined, honest, punctual, and never compare your ministry with others. The four biggest problems in ministry are silver, sloth, sex, and self. In the ministry, you must always be teachable and humble.
  3. The Message – Jeremiah 3:15. Always be a student of the word. In your study of the scripture don’t abuse the pulpit. The methods of using scripture that you must always remember are staying on track. You do not have to be like the world to reach the world. God’s method is to use broken vessels. “It is unlikely that God will use anyone greatly until he has hurt/broken them deeply” -A.W. Towzer
  4. The Motives – Be pure in your motives. Remember that we are not here for man’s glory and pleasing him but to please God. The real pastor is Jesus Christ. The congregation that you have underneath you is not yours, they are on loan and you will have to account for them. Don’t be a dictator! Invest in people. Make a massive amount of friends outside of the body of Christ. Flow into the lives of people. Don’t try to prove anything.

Other items for pastors to remember

  • Houseclean your attitudes – Ephesians 4
  • Make your own thanksgiving – Isaiah 30:15

Think about these questions. Is the Lord pleased? Is the work well done? Is the word well used?

good stuff.



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