Bill Clinton Gives?

My buddy Scott is using a book by Bill Clinton that just came out in his leadership class at Grace College and Seminary. I thought it was an interesting choice for a leadership class but Scott has always known what he is doing. (He is super good at his job) The amazing part of the whole ordeal is that people are questioning his choice of literature for the students to read. Imagine that, people questioning someone else’s motives. Now before you go into all the accountability thing (leaders understand accountability and practice it always), hear me out.

Scott has been teaching at Grace for some time now. Him and I never really hit it off because I went against the grain a lot at Grace which is sad to say. I think we could have learned a lot from each other. However, we talked a few times since I graduated and I know his heart is in the right place.

As Christians we need to back off our leaders from time to time. We need to let our leadership breathe. We need to understand that our teachers, pastors and educators know what they are doing. There is a reason behind what they are trying to accomplish, even if it doesn’t look exactly like what you had in your head. I know Scott thought this through before he made the choice for his students to read a book by Clinton. I am positive that he talked it out with a few people before he made the final decision. Regardless of where you stand on your thoughts on Bill Clinton, we can still learn from each other.

Keep doing what your doing.  To God be the glory!



1 Response to “Bill Clinton Gives?”

  1. 1 Terrace Crawford January 13, 2008 at 2:23 am

    I ran across your blog today. Cool stuff man. I find this post particularly interesting because I definitely try to motivate my students to be social activists… of course, with sharing the love of Christ in everything they do. I’ve seen numerous interviews featuring Clinton now and his book. Even though he’s writing from a very liberal perspective, there is some really good stuff in his book for all of us.


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