Relevant Reverend Rob Bell

Relevant Magazine just dropped in my mailbox. Who else would be on the cover besides the Reverend Rob Bell. I read the interview last night while I was laying in my bed getting ready to go to sleep. I agree with a lot of the stuff he said but seemed uneasy at a few of his comments.

Example: “The world is desperately in need of people who will break themselves open and pour themselves out for the reconciliation of all things. When a Christian can find nothing better to do with their time in the face of this much pain and heartbreak, you start realizing that some Christians need to be saved. How a person would have energy to take shots at other Christians is just mind-boggling. You have to be so totally disconnected from the pain of the world to think that blogging is somehow a redemptive use of your time.

You were doing so well Rob until you got to the bold.  The entire interview is worth  the price of the magazine.

I’m not sure how I feel…



1 Response to “Relevant Reverend Rob Bell”

  1. 1 Sam Andress January 16, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    I hear your pain. I think Rob was just referring to the watch dog critics like Ken Silva at apprising ministries who seems to write a full scale article on Rob’s teachings every single day.

    I don’t think Rob would be against blogs that are constructive, critical, informative, and relflective.

    Nice looking blog!

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