Who are You Accountable To?

Last Night we talked about accountability in our staff meeting.  It was a great gathering with lots of encouragement on both sides of the table.  We have been trying to place an emphasis on a personal growth plan (thanx Bill) and peer accountability. 

John Wesley used the following set of questions in peer accountability groups.  I would recommend using them in one-on-one situations as well as small group discussions.  Frank B. Stanger states that, “You might find them valuable as you offer self-examining prayers before God.  Prayerfully ask yourself each of these questions, and write down your answers.  Pray over your answers” So grab a pen or your laptop and make some notes.

Start growing in your faith and become accountable.

  1. Is the love of God shed abroad in my heart?
  2. Does any sin, inward or outward, have dominion over me?
  3. Do I really desire that others tell me what they think, fear, and hear concerning me?
  4. Have I mentioned any failing or fault of any person when it was unnecessary to do so?
  5. Have I unnecessarily grieved anyone by word or deed?
  6. Have I desired the praise of men (or women)?
  7. Have I resumed my claim to my body, soul, friends, fame, or fortune, which I gave over to God?
  8. Have I said anything with a stern look, accent, or gesture, particularly regarding religion?

For more on accountability, check out Spiritual Formation in the Local Church by Frank Bateman Stanger.



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