The Super Bowl

Thoughts on the big game.

  • I was amazed at how many people can recite detailed memorization of statistics, weight of players, and general knowledge of the game but they can’t recall basic elementary information or recite concepts presented in the bible.
  • The way Payton Manning feels about football and his family is the way I feel about Jesus and the church!
  • The New York Giants won the Super Bowl?
  • If we as a nation are that that excited for one football game, how can we generate the same excitement for church?
  • The media put out 3.2 million dollars for 30 seconds of airtime for a super bowl commercial. Most of the ads viewed were in no way helpful to daily life but made us feel like they were due to the humor.
  • Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers…. bridging the gap between young and old.
  • When a movie preview was aired I heard repeatedly from young and old, “I want to see that” before the movie clip was even finished. When asking the students or other people in the room who made the statement if they had ever heard of the movie coming out before, there response was, “no”. What does that tell us about the hold and influence that popular culture has on us? What does that say about our hunger for visual media?
  • I went crazy when the Giants won!  What is it about sports that we love so much?
  • One of the best Super Bowl games I have ever seen. Maybe it was the game, maybe it was the community that surrounded it, whatever, awesome!
  • How can we take the Super Bowl and learn from it to reach people where they are at? What can we learn and put into practice from the big game to influence others so that they can establish a relationship with Christ?

What did you think?



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