Thoughts on Strategies Part 1

Currently I am taking a class called Strategies for Personal Evangelism through Trinity Seminary. I thought I would post some of the notes as the class progresses. A few books are also listed below that you might want to check out.

Questions I am thinking…

  • What is the anointing of the spirit look like in my life?
  • Am I anointed by the spirit to do what I am doing right now? How do I know? What do I do if I’m wrong?
  • What do we do at church that God hates because of our church traditions?
  • What is done at church to please people? Does it get in the way of pleasing God?

Quotes to ponder…

  • “To have a special touch of God to do a special thing in your life at a special season in your life.”
  • “Christian bookstores don’t sell good books, they sell the coolest Christian junk.”
  • “Many churches follow the latest Christian fad but steer clear of the voice of the Lord.”
  • “If you create a worship service around pleasing people you’re worshiping an idol. Do you know what God says about idols?”
  • “For every one family that attends the church, there are seven families that could come to church through that one family. What are you doing to equip them to bring these people in?”
  • “Every person is called to be a witness.”
  • “An administrator does things right, a leader does the right thing.”


Keep moving forward.



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