Building a Safe Place

Our youth room is top notch built from the group up! We use it all the time to get students to feel safe and secure. We want everyone to be positive downstairs. Our desire is to make all our students feel at home in an environment that is warm and pleasing so we can maximize spiritual growth. Here’s some hints for your youth room.

  • Display lots of photos. Scrounge up big collage photo frames so you can display lots of youth group photos from events, trips, and good times. After all, these students are the ministry, make sure they know their important.
  • Showcase the individual students creativity. Build a shelf to display their objects and artwork they have created. Replace old DC Talk posters and ancient CCM paraphernalia with students creativity. Hang a large bulletin board to tack up their photographs, poetry, and upcoming events they can get involved in.
  • Get creative with your lighting. This is something massive we are working on slowly. Lighting is so crucial to setting the proper mood. Install dimmers on your lights, bring in lamps and turn off your overhead lighting. Use everything you got in your church; Christmas lights, floating candles, and black lights to set a tone that’s warm, conversational, and relaxing.
  • Arrange every piece of furniture to fuel conversation. Arrange chairs in a circle so students can face each other or the speaker (which ever your going for). Remove some chairs and replace them with beanbags or large pillows. Use couches and chairs strategically to get the maximum amount of conversation and attention.

Be smart. Pray about everything and remember, when in doubt, ask the students. They will help you out!  For other ideas and thoughts check out this article by Walter Surdacki on creativity in youth rooms.  I got most of these ideas and more from him.



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