Lessons From Yesterday

Yesterday was probably one of the best days that I have had in ministry in a long time. No mountains moved, no valleys shook but the earth was not the same when my head hit the pillow. My eyes were wide open as I lay in bed thinking about the experience. Slow steady growth leads to more “good” days. The experience of seeing God’s glory over and over in a twenty-four hour span of time is such an amazing experience. Let me give you some insight on thoughts that progressed throughout the day. I might break these down in the days to come to expand on the points made.

  • Everyone longs for one-on-one prayer. People need personal prayer from someone in a one-on-one setting. We miss this repeatedly. Everyone has a story to tell. How are we listening to their story? How are we praying for the progress of the story? We fail to reach people because were afraid to put our hand on their shoulder and pray for them.
  • It is amazing to notice how many lanes of traffic there are on the worship highway. Worship is all about a Christian community engaging in an avenue of excitement over what Christ has done. Everyone does worship down the same road but in a different lane. How do we embrace other vehicles of worship? Do we embrace every lane or are we scared of what is in front and behind us?
  • When you think no one “gets it”, your wrong. Pastors and teachers must remember that what is elementary to us is far from elementary to other believers. We might eat meat on a regular but others are needing milk. How are we feeding the spiritually young? How are we feeding the spiritually mature?
  • Building a bridge between the young and old takes a massive amount of time and work. One thing youth ministry pastors constantly overlook is the need to bridge the young who need milk with the mature who feast on meat. Big things are happening that need bathed in prayer in this area.
  • At the end of the day when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent. Maybe one of the best practices that is overlooked. Put your ipod away, shut off the T.V., kill media and popular culture to reflect on Christ. “Be still” before you sleep.

Happy Valentines Day!



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