Point One: The Importance of Prayer

I had a earlier post called lessons from yesterday.  I want to take those five points and expand on them.  The first point is on prayer.  As I said in an earlier post everyone longs for one-on-one prayer.  This realization is slowly learned and often passed over by pastors and teachers.  Why do we constantly forget the importance of sitting down with our people and praying for them?  When I talk about “our” people I mean the people the people we come in contact with on a regular basis.  This could be friends, family, or even co-workers.  “Our” people includes a variety of people that we converse with and listen to on a regular basis.

When we have a conversation with someone, with our people, we need to realize that as they are speaking  to us about their life.  People are telling us their story.  They are letting us in to areas in their life that need special spiritual attention, whether they realize it or not.  We must listen to our people as they communicate with us.  As we listen, we must formulate a list in our heads about what we can pray for when the conversation ends.  Maybe theres nothing to pray “for”, maybe its just a time to just thank God for what has been done in their life.  One thing that God loves is active praise. 

When we listen for areas to pray for or even praise God for we changes the listening process from passive listening to active spiritual growth.  Listen up, when you sit down and pray with someone about the happenings of life your promoting spiritual growth on both sides.   All conversations should end in a time of prayer.  I forget this all the time.

Everyone has a story to tell. How are we listening to our peoples story?  How are we praying and praising for the outcome of the rest of story? We fail to reach and connect to people because were afraid to put our hand on their shoulder and pray for them.

Who are you praying with?



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