Revisiting the Powerful Pastor

I am a rare breed.  I have known it since I was a young buck, a little guy if you will.  I have a variety of interests that put me in a lot of different classes.  I mix well with a ton of different people that other people wouldn’t get along with.  From motorcycles to Mozart, I cover a lot of bases.  I like diversity.  I like the individuality that God has placed on the earth.  Seriously, life would be boring if everyone was like the next person.  If we were just a carbon copy of each other, life would be a drag.  Since I am different and have a variety of interests it pushes me to listen to a lot of different people.

Like I said in a previous post, I listen to a lot of different pastors.  I love the mixture of people God uses to get his point across.  The guys listed below (see “The Powerful Pastor”) that I listen to on a weekly basis are extremely different in their styles and approaches to ministry.  We need to move from listening to the people we agree with 100% percent listen to people in general.

We would be hard pressed to find a person that we agree with 100% on every issue in life.  My best friends in the world and I disagree on a lot of issues (saved and unsaved.  Yes, I have unsaved friends).  We might not agree all across the boardWe could totally disagree with everything they say but we still need to listen (even with Charles Stanley and James Dobson I disagree with sometimes).  Just because we don’t always agree with everyone’s theology, styles, or approaches, doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a nugget of truth that is coming through.  When we search for the truth while listening, we have a massive amount of information that we can discuss together in close communities.  Many great conversations and learning experiences that I have have come from someone who said something I completely disagreed with or challenged.

I don’t have to fully endorse someone to engage with their materials.  I don’t have to agree with a certain person, pastor, or practice to draw biblical conclusions on what there talking about.  It all comes back to testing human words with God’s spirit filled scripture (something everyone lacks doing).  Push yourself to grow by testing what pastors and teachers say.  Use the bible, engage in community, have conversations with each other about what you heard.  Don’t just buy into a sermon just because you agreed fully with the last one, check it out.

I dare you to try this out.  Listen to someone who is outside your spiritual radar, read a book that you completely disagree with (that you half way disagree with) then talk about it with someone else, with many people.  Who knows, you might grow more.  Continue to develop yourself by focusing on God, look to the Bible for answers.  For God is perfect, His people are not.  We need to stretch ourselves and point out what we agree with and what we disagree with.  We need to grow with out brothers and sisters that we admire and  grow with those we would rather abandon.  Jesus talked to both the Pharisees, Jews, and Gentiles.

When we reject someone right of the bat we are subscribing to the fact that we are above someone else.  Shut your mouth and listen for a minute.  Get as many angles on a spiritual issue as you can.  Be quick to listen and slow to speak.  Learn everything you can from anyone you can.



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