Quotes to think About

I stole this from Corey Mann who stole it from Tony Morgan who went to the C3 Conference that I couldn’t attend.  Good things to think about and discuss.

From T.D. Jakes

  • The church gets its personality from the preacher.
  • Success is me helping you.
  • You haven’t begun to preach until you are controversial.
  • The cost of leadership is conflict.
  • If you aren’t experiencing conflict-you aren’t a leader-you are a follower.
  • The breaking stage is the blessing stage.
  • We shouldn’t give leadership to people who have never been broken.
  • It’s not me, but it’s Christ in me that’s given me another chance.

From Tommy Barnett

  • If you have quality, you’ll have quantity.
  • Decide whats important and commit the rest of your life to it.
  • Don’t tell anyone you want to quit, because they may take you up on it.

From Brian Houston

  • There’s a balance between grace and challenge.
  • Speak into the potential of people.

From Mac Richard

  • You’re only as accountable as you want to be.

From Ed Young

  • You don’t have to like someone to forgive them.
  • God takes you through difficult time to break you down and lead to breakthrough.
  • Are we blogging or bragging? Slandering? Self-promoting?
  • When you’re in the pit, don’t look down and around, look up to God.
  • Hang out with “ladder people”–people that lift you up and point you to God.
  • Joseph had talent that could take him places but didn’t have the character to keep him there.
  • When the talent and the character sync up, you’re going to a whole ‘nother level.

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