Learning from Towzer

I have been learning a lot the last year from being the “father” of a bulldog. Life in the house has never been the same since Towzer became one of the family. Every time I turn around I find myself learning something new from our little guy (who looks like a small pig). Just some life lessons I’m learning from the boy…

  • Be super excited when anyone comes over to the house. No matter who they are, be super stoked they came over just to see you.
  • What happened yesterday?
  • It’s more fun to walk through the mud than to jump over it. After all, someone will wash off your paws when you come in the house.
  • If you want a treat, you have to sit down first.
  • Taking a bath sucks but you have to do it at least once a month.
  • Take a nap whenever you get tired, wherever you are.
  • There’s good stuff in the trash but you have to be willing to get dirty (and in a little bit of trouble) to get to it.
  • There’s nothing better than being close to the people you love.

Get a dog. It’s an awesome journey (Seriously, if I’m learning this much from a dog, I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn from kids.  Never stop learning from everything.).


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