Details in Ministry

All of us in ministry are trying to get things right. We try so hard sometimes that we miss the details. While looking at the big picture is great and establishing a vision is key, we often miss the details. Details are crucial for growth (both spiritual and numerical). Maybe here’s some help.

  • Pay close attention to what your doing well – The things we do well are almost always are overlooked. Why? Because we’re good at it! When we overlook what is done well, it gives more room for an error to occur in that area. The areas where you are the strongest demand the most attention. Even when you think you know somethings right, double check it before you proceed. Many great plans have failed because a small, but critical detail was missed or overlooked.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff – Somethings in ministry are in your control, others are in God’s. There are areas God wants you to give over to Him; The parents who get under your skin, the board that rides everything you do, or the negative comments that comes from people who are uneducated or misinformed. All of these areas are things that God wants. While we can learn from these people and situations, sometimes there is little we can do. We’re here to please God, not people. Sometimes we get feedback for that. The important thing to remember is to bath the small stuff in prayer and dedicate yourself to the King. Be grateful and learn from everything. Don’t sweat the small stuff, you’ll only lose site of your vision and purpose.
  • Always have a back up plan – Something always will and does go wrong. Count on that projector not working one night, the stereo system to go out, or a staff member to not show up when you really needed them there. It’s going to happen and when it does, have a back up plan. You don’t have time to sulk over your problems. Instead, begin immediately focusing on the solution. What’s done is done, but problems can get worse if you are slow to adjust to change. Reach your goals despite the obstacles you face.
  • Don’t forget to laugh – Jesus didn’t call you to be Jesus, He called you to be you. You’re only human, and because you’re human, you’ll make mistakes. When you “fail”, lighten up a little, laugh a bit and go with the flow. Don’t forget the passion you have for ministry. Make a constant effort to have a commitment to quality and keep your head up. Remember, we are not in ministry to make people happy, we’re in ministry to make Christ happy.

Paying attention to details is a crucial part of ministry. What details are you focusing in on right now so that you be a better pastor, teacher, Shepard, or staff member? Are you committed to quality work? Do you have a appreciation for the importance of details?

Think about it.



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