Fixing your Mistakes

I don’t know about you but I mess up, a lot. It seems like when I make a mistake I set myself back a few steps. Whenever I feel like I have taken two steps forward, I screw it up and take three steps back. Sometimes it’s an action and sometimes it’s what I said. There are some things that you can do to fix your mistakes and minimize the damage that has been done. Start moving forward with some help.

  1. Take responsibility. If it’s your fault, own up to it. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people have made a mistake and they are not big enough person to admit they were wrong. When you realize you made a mistake, resist the temptation to run away from your problems. Apologize and work to finding a solution to fixing the mistake.
  2. Take initiative. There are numerous things that can be done to solve a problem or fix a mistake. It’s only the end of the world if you think it’s the end of the world. If you sit and let the mistake go, it will never find a solution. Take as much action as you can to start solving the problem. Get people to help you out, work hard, and push to resolve the issue. Admitting you made the mistake and asking for help is a sign of being humble. Are you teachable and trainable? Will you ask for help? Get things right.
  3. Act quickly. Another pet peeve of mine is when people let things go for long periods of time that need done right away. When I talk about acting quickly, I mean act quickly on finding a solution and working on fixing the problem. Sitting and wondering what you are going to do is going to get you nowhere. Act now!
  4. Do a good job. One of my biggest problems is that I do things fast. Doing something fast is not necessarily a bad thing but when I do things fast I tend to get sloppy. If you fix a mistake quickly and it’s sloppy, it won’t fix the mistake. It will make things worse. God wants your best. Sometimes our best takes a little longer than we expected.

What mistake are you working on fixing in your life right now? What have you done that needs fixed? Maybe it was with somebody or someone, maybe it was a mistake at work that nobody knows about, or maybe it was something you did in the eyes of God. With all of this said, if I did something wrong against someone, I need to take that to the Lord, ask Him for forgiveness, and then ask that person I wronged for forgiveness. Never leave God out of any equation. Go to the word and pursue Christ daily with all of these steps. Whatever it was, work on fixing it.

Get things right today.



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