Youth Forum

Tonight looks to be an interesting evening.

Let me explain.

In Highland the teenagers of the middle school and high school gather for a panel discussion once a year to discuss “hot topics” that center on tough issues related to youth.  This is a great idea and one of a kind in my understanding of school systems. I have never seen anything like it before.  The youth forum provides the teenagers of the community a chance to have a voice in problem areas that effect their daily lives.  What this means is that before the actual panel takes place tonight, groups of young people have assembled and discussed in their schools the problems that are going on in the area (examples: cyber bullying, cliques, peer pressure, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, relationships, dating, violence, etc.) and brainstormed solutions to the problems.  During the panel discussion this evening, the youth share their recommendations and proposed solutions with the “leaders” in the community who are assembled on the panel.  The panel can ask questions, discuss what they think, and give feedback on the issues presented.

Not only is this an amazing opportunity for the young people to “strike back” against the problems they are facing, but this is an awesome way to let student who are standing tall in their schools have a voice.  A few of my students are in the groups that will be presenting solutions to the panel tonight which gets me pumped because they are being seen for their efforts.  I am excited to see my young people doing something good for the community and not have them afraid to stand up for (biblical) truth.  It’s awesome to see the light of Christ radiate off of them so clearly.

I will have the honor of sitting on the panel tonight with a few teachers in our district, some police officers, a couple of parents, and the mayor of Highland.  This is a great opportunity and I am honored to have the ability to sit with such great people to discuss such topics.

Updates to follow.



2 Responses to “Youth Forum”

  1. 1 markartrip May 1, 2008 at 4:07 am

    this sounds cool. I am jealous. update please.

  1. 1 Youth Forum Recap « jordan muck Trackback on May 2, 2008 at 5:21 pm

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