7 Burning Questions (Part 1)

The current issue of Relevant has a feature article with the 7 burning issues of our generation, and they have some of the leading voices in the Church today respond to them. I thought I’d answer the questions myself in a couple of posts and open the floor to let people respond. Here’s part one.

Burning Question Number One: Injustice: Is our focus on social justice out of balance?

Response: I think some parts of this question need to be defined. For example, what does “our” mean? Is “our” talking about the church as a whole, individual people outside the body, Christians in general, Western Christians? Who is “our” talking about? I think in America we have missed the mark completely in seeking to ensure a fair harmonious society. We look great on the outside but internally we are falling apart. What does a “harmonious society” even look like? In America, so many people desire to be on top, ahead of the next person, the top of their company, etc. This isn’t just in the secular world but in the church as well. Because of our desires we will always be out of balance. Thank God for mercy and grace. People desire to be noticed, to be praised, and when they buy into their desires it throws our balance off.

The social justice issue makes me even wonder if a harmonious society will ever exist without Christ. What is our role as a church in regards to injustice? Social Justice is defined as the belief that every individual and group is entitled to fair and equal rights. Does this include people who believe differently than we do? If so then how tolerant are we supposed to be as Christians? How tollerant should we be against those who are the opposite of how we believe or teach differently than what we believe?

Social justice is said to be the participation in social, educational, and economic opportunities. How are we responding as Christians to these issues? Are “our” actions Christ like?  What is “our” agenda for increasing understanding of oppression and inequality? How much action are we willing to take to overcome social justice? I think that until we as Christians, as a church, and as individuals can come to common ground on these issues we will always be out of balance in regards to social justice.

What do you think?



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