Bethany and I decided to come see my parents on Thursday night.  We got to town extremely late to some rough news.  When I walked in the door my dad was awake to greet us and we talked for awhile.  It turns out that a young man who was attending my Dad’s church’s Christian school had committed suicide that same night.

“Adam” was only fifteen years old.

I got the chance to attend a “rally” for the students that were a part of the Christian school on Friday night.  This was a sweet event when the pastors and teachers were around to answer questions and help the kids work things out.  There were a lot of parents there and large amount of young people as well.  It was a great chance to see how people were grieving and an awesome opportunity to jump in and help.

The whole couple of days that we were visiting my folks taught me a few things that I think are massive life lessons.

  • Young people need to mourn.  It’s important to “moving on”.  Although I didn’t know Adam, I felt a sense of lose.  It’s okay to mourn and I feel the kids were open to what they were feeling and trying to get things worked out.
  • I think the reason God put me in that situation last night was to get the young people back to laughing.  I had such a good time hanging out with students after the session just “doing life”.  We spent time together outside just talking about life and laughing like young people need to do.  No television, no cell phones, just good conversations laughing with young people.
  • No matter how far you get away from local ministry, ministry is happening all over the place.  It doesn’t stop.  It’s how we react to the needs of others that truly matters.  Just because I’m not in Highland for a few days doesn’t mean I stop.  We all need to be available whenever we are needed.
  • They had a time of open prayer last night where anyone could pray.  I wish I had the students prayers on audio.   I was amazed at how mature and open they were.
  • We always talk about how busy we are in live but isn’t it amazing how fast we will drop something for when a tragedy hits?

It was a night of constant learning.  I am blessed to be a part of the event and extremely thankful to be asked to join the opportunity with youth.

Don’t waste the wonderful life God gave you or cut it short.



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