Where to “Get It”

I do a lot of videos and visual stuff in ministry.  For some reason people like to look at stuff.  The more it shines, the more we like to stare at it.  Here’s some helpful sites to get powerpoint materials, still and video backgrounds, illustrations, and more.

Here’s where I go for help.

  • BlueFish TV – This site has grown by leaps and bounds.  BlueFish used to be absolute cheese but now it’s taking off.  Their videos are cheap and relevant.  They also have a promo where you can log in and get a “fishing license” to get a bunch of stuff for a set price.
  • SermonSpice – A little pricey but this site is great for teaching pastors.  It has some good stuff for messages from the pulpit.  Our senior pastor used one of their videos on Sunday morning.  The amazing thing is that I ate dinner tonight with a family from the church and they were still talking about that video!
  • WorshipHouseMedia – Worship House is the “one-stop-shop” for your church media and video ministry.  I like their mini-movies and edible stock material.  It helps to be able to crop something and not have to worry about getting slammed for it.  Worship House also has some interesting software to check out.
  • iStockPhoto – This place is an amazing place to find pictures.  Their illustrations and videos are alright but photos are where its at.  Seriously check this place out.
  • Animoto – For everyone who hasn’t been blessed with a Macbook or video editing skills, you need to seriously check out this site.  Animoto takes your pictures, analyzes your music background, and melds the two together in a way that feels somewhat like MTV video. You can either upload your pictures manually or send Animoto to fetch them from other sites like your Facebook account, Picasa, or Flickr. Adding music works the same way: upload your own mp3 or select a track from their growing library of music beds. Once it has your pictures and music, it analyzes both and puts them together in a pretty sweet video. And, for an extra measure of fun, send the pics and music through again and again to get other remixes of your slideshow. No two videos are ever the same.  It’s awesome.

What are you using to get results in a visual age?



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