Conversation with Tim Stevens

I had the opportunity to “sit down” via the cell phone with Tim Stevens the other day.  Tim is the executive pastor at Granger Community Church.  According to his website, Tim’s role at Granger is “all about finding high capacity people with great hearts and getting them the resources they need so together we can help people meet Jesus.”  Our conversation was encouraging, insightful and engaging.

Here’s a few highlights from Tim.

  • Understand that you will reach people who are most like yourself.  Other people outside of that range will be reached and impacted as well but ultimately you will reach people most like yourself.
  • Consistency is key.  People need to know your not going anywhere.  Help people see you’re here to stay for the long haul.
  • Capitalizes on things that other churches in the area aren’t doing well.  At Granger they include artistic elements (music, video, drama, and lighting), children’s ministry, and solid work in the community.
  • Money is always a roadblock, remain faithful and find creative ways to do things when you don’t have the cash.
  • Focus on things that are going to give the highest return.
  • Consider the source where most negativity comes from.  Listen to people you want to reach.
  • Stay clear on your vision and you won’t get negative feedback because people are clear on what they need to be doing.
  • Surveying people helps find answers.
  • Don’t look at problems look at solutions.
  • Relationships matter, it’s not about the tasks, it’s about the relationships along the way.  Excellence is balance; everything doesn’t have to be perfect on the front side.  Let people be creative and tweak it later.  Remember that excellence is a process.
  • If it’s a hill to die on just change it.

Tim is doing an amazing job at Granger.  If you would like to find out more about Tim check out his new book that just came out, Pop Goes the Church.



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