Food Fight

A.k.a. the “messy fight” night.  (Some people get a little bent when you use the word food because it might come across as wasteful.)  This is a great community builder and a blast for teenagers.  Here’s how it’s done.

Step One – Plug the Event: You can plug it a few ways.  You can plug it as an event to raise awareness (i.e. have each student participating bring a can of food that you will give to the local food pantry) or you can just have it be a night of messy fun community with each other.  Either way, be creative and get the word out; students, fliers, e-mail, etc.  Spread the word as much as you can.  Remember, this is an outreach activity!

Tell students to bring old clothes that will get either ruined or destroyed, a change of clothes to change into after the fight is over, and a towel.

Step Two – Set-Up: The food fight is set up in a square.  Depending on how many students you plan on having at the event depends on how big the square is.  Our square, for about 30 students, is about 15 feet by 15 feet.  We set up our square outside on the back church lawn where the remains of the night are not easily seen and can be cleaned up easily (for really easy clean up, lay tarps down before you start.).  Place four cones on each of the four corners establishing boundaries.  No food is allowed to be thrown outside of these boundaries.  (Hint: you can mark boundaries even more by spray painting lines from cone to cone.  Have students stand on the spray painted line before each “round” starts.  If you are not painting lines, just have them stand outside the cones.)

You will also need a table to place all the food and other material on.  On this table we put a lot of towels for the students in case anyone gets something in their eyes.  All the food is in bowls and covered up with towels (yes, it’s going to be a big laundry day) so the students don’t know what’s happening next.  You are also going to need a hose to have on hand to spray the field, get the students wet, and to help get food out of they eyes.

Here’s a break down on what’s on the table for a 30 student food fight and how the “round” is done.  I’ll explain rounds after the list.

  • Round 1: 200 water balloons (already filled and blown up before hand). Every student get’s two and the rest are placed in the center of the playing field or littered all over the place like Easter eggs.
  • Round 2: 24 dozen eggs (Rule: do not throw eggs from over 2 feet, you can kill someone if a high school senior throws it hard enough.). Like the balloons, everyone get’s two and the remainder of eggs are sprinkled onto the playing field.
  • Round 3: 35 pound bag of flour. Each student gets a hand full of flour out of the bag while the rest is sprinkled in the middle in a big clump.
  • Round 4: 5 Big Bags of Bread Crumbs. Run this the same way you run the flour.
  • Round 5: 12 packets of Jell-o (already made the night before. This way it is nice and cold.). Place all the Jell-o in the center of the playing field in a big clump. Students go nuts and it’s awesome to see everyone sliding around.
  • Round 6: 3 big cans (like from Sam’s Club, they sell them at Wal-Mart as well) of Pudding. This runs the same as the Jell-o round.
  • Round 7: 4 Big containers of Oatmeal. This is my favorite round. If you do it right and make the oatmeal a few hours before the fight starts it’s warm, a nice change of pace. Place it in the center of the field and do it just like the Jell-o and pudding round.

Step 3 – Actual Game Play: The food fight is broken down into rounds.  One round consists of one item  (See the list for how to run the round and the materials to give each student).   By running the fight in rounds, you make the fight longer.  All students are placed outside of the square and con not “go” until the whistle is blown.  We run that round until all the materials have been completely used up and the students are getting excited for the next item.  Use a whistle to start and stop rounds of play.  Also, make sure you are listening to the students and making sure everyone is alright.  We always play with the students but have other staff who are not playing help out with outside issues.  Remember to use the hose to wash off materials from their eyes and use the towels whenever needed.  After a round is over, have all students return outside the playing area.  When the fight is over, spay students down as best as you can and have them go change.

Step 4 – Other Odds and Ends: Remember to take a before and after picture.  This lets the students see what an amazing time they had at the fight.  Take lots of videos, pictures, and other materials that can be used later in the year.  Work at using the fight to connect to new students.  Also, it is important that you “play” with the students.  Being on the outside and not getting dirty means that you don’t want to participate.  Be active and involved with the teenagers.  It means the world to them.

Here’s what we looked like before the fight,

and after.

This is always an awesome night.  I hope this helps you plan a fun night with youth and continue your ministry with teenagers.  If you have an questions feel free to ask.  I would love to help however I can.



1 Response to “Food Fight”

  1. 1 larry vaughn September 16, 2008 at 1:07 am

    Looks like fun. We haven’t done a food fight with our youth in a few years!

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