Overcoming Opposition

People communicate the message repeatedly that some things are impossible.  Sometimes that message is deliberate and sometimes it’s unintentional.  Either way you slice it, when your passionate about something and someone tells you it’s impossible, it hurts.  Not only does it hurt but it’s also often untrue.  In a letter to Timothy, Paul gives a charge to flee from opposition so that we can become successful in Christ.  In other words, he tells him to listen to God’s voice and not what man is saying.  He makes it a point to show a young man that success and impossibilities can become a reality through a relationship with the Christ, even when people oppose.

When opposition comes, we must consider it pure joy.  We must continue to fight the good fight.  Whether young or old.  We need to restore our passion for advancing the gospel and stop giving into opposition.  The enemy is pleased when we “give up” or “give in”.  He enjoys hearing, “that’s impossible” or, “that’s too hard”.  With God on our side, we can be successful at any age, if we continue to do what is right in the sight of the Lord.  Our success as believers will come from the opposition we face. It is God’s desire for us to live as Christ.  That means pursuing righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness, principles that are unpopular in the day we live in.

Remember, there are no shortcuts in the Christian walk.  Christian life has bumps in it (it is the road less traveled).  We need to be principled people, not endlessly adapting to culture and falling into the patterns of this world.  We must overcome opposition.  We must shake off the naysayers to continue to do what is difficult, to do what God says, so that the message of Christ can be communicated clearly.  This is how we will be successful as Christians, by clinging to the gospel of Jesus Christ, not taking any shortcuts but continuing to fight the good fight.

The door to success swings on the hinges of opposition.” -Bob Piper



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