Thursday Guest Blogger: Mike Trelow

While recovering from my multiple surgeries in the past year and a half, my buddy Mike Trelow has felt led to take a walk with one of the longest books of the Bible.  Here is an excerpt of one of Mikes journal entries through the 119th Psalms.



Integrity – Psalm 119: 1-8  “Happy are the people of integrity, who follow the law of the LORD.

This verse caused me to stop and wonder who people of integrity really are.  One version called them “blameless”.  Integrity made me think if being a “good” person can make me a person of integrity?  What does integrity mean?  The Webster dictionary describes it as:


  1. Firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values
  2. An unimpaired condition
  3. The quality or state of being complete or undivided

Integrity has in it the tone of incorruptibility, soundness, completeness and honesty.  Do those traits sum up the Christian believer?  Sad to say, this little dive into the dictionary only made me think back on my own failures.  The question one has to ask as they start to make the Psalm 119 Journey,

  • Am I incorruptible?
  • Am I sound in my beliefs, in my faith?
  • Do I have complete trust in Almighty God?
  • Do I live honestly with my fellow man?

The first three verses talk to us as Christians, asking us questions, and giving us some solid answers where we can find the above mentioned quality items.  The rest of the verses then turn as I start to talk to God directly…

What really struck me as I started this journey, is that how many times the word ‘command’ or commandments’ were jumping off the pages at me.  I like to think that I keep His commandments (you know the ones, those ten special ones that are found in Exodus 20: 3-17).  Once those words leaped out of my mind, I remember too that even the Pharisees and leaders of the law also were proud to brag on keeping the commandments.  However, I don’t really think I am in there league.  Or am I?  Am I really seeking Him with all my heart?  Were the Pharisees?

Oh man, this journey is not starting out too well…..

Each journey has to have a plan, you know, a start and end point.  If you go to any of the mapping programs out there, you are asked for two basic things, your starting point, and where you want to end up.  They use your starting point to give the directions so you can get to your destination in the fastest way possible.  As I have acquired wisdom (not that I am getting old or anything), I used to deal with all my journeys the same way; eyes on the road, both hands on the steering wheel and only stopping for the restrooms when we needed to take in fuel.  (Yes ladies, it must be a guy thing.)

What is simple about these directions for the journey is that it tells us how to get there quickly: “follow the law of the LORD”!  It is that simple.  But it is these simple things that turn us inside-out.  Look at the example of Jesus.  To become a Christian is the easiest, simplest thing to do, but yet the hardest. We just need to take His free gift of eternal life, and accept Jesus as our personal Savior.  Simple, right?  Then how come so many people cannot seem to get past simple?  I think Christian integrity falls into this simple category.

I have seen the first road sign on this journey, and it is a biggie.  I also have the way to get to integrity; it is all up to me.   I cannot wait to see what other road signs appear during this journey.


Mike Trelow is a in charge of Customer Care and Training at Pipkins, Inc.  He is also active on the elder board, youth ministry programs, and Sunday School classes at Highland Community Church.  Mike is an outstanding guy and a faithful follower of Christ who continues to rely on God to provide for all his needs.

Got an interesting topic regarding God, faith, ministry, youth, or other relevant topics?  Write for Thursday’s guest blog by sending an e-mail to:  Subject: Guest Blog.  Be sure to contain the article in it’s entirety in the message body along with a short bio about yourself.  It’s that simple.


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