Youth Worker Survey

Youth ministry is challenging work.  In youth ministry you will work with a wide variety of teenagers and young people.  You will also find yourself working with adults who have the desire to help out in a routine manner at youth groups and other events.  We call these people “staff”. (Adult staff is crucial to the ministry.  If you don’t have a staff helping you, get one. Period.)

With that said, you need to understand that staff members are just as much individuals as the students.  They have opinions, incites, and ideas.  It is important to bring these concepts they have to the surface.  Enter the staff survey (we give our students a survey as well but for this post I will focus on the staff survey.).  As we work with and listen to our staff, we realize that a survey is a great way to get their ideas to the surface.

Here is what our survey looks like that we give to our staff.

GeNESIS Staff Survey

  1. What are three areas we do well at GeNESIS?  How and what can we do to improve these areas?
  2. What are three things we struggle with at GeNESIS?  How or what can we do to improve these areas?
  3. What are three activities you would like to see GeNESIS do or be a part of?
  4. How do you feel you could be better used at GeNESIS?
  5. How would you describe GeNESIS to someone?
  6. How would you describe or what would you say to someone regarding what you do at GeNESIS?
  7. What is your view of GeNESIS as a whole?
  8. Do you feel your spiritual gifts are being used at GeNESIS?  If so, how?  If not, what could be done to utilize your gifts more?
  9. On a scale from 1 to 10, how motivated are you to see GeNESIS succeed?
  10. Do you feel God is glorified with your effort at GeNESIS? Why or why not?


This survey gives you the opportunity to find out numerous areas of what your doing well and what you need to work on.  Let me breakdown the survey a little more so you can see why we ask these certain questions.

  • Questions 1 & 2:  The first two questions focus on the strengths and weaknesses as a whole of your group.  This gives a good outlook on how to improve while allowing to focus on what is going well.  It’s a balance of the good and the bad.
  • Question 3:  Perhaps your staff are looking around the community or talking to students and picked up on something you missed.  This is a great way to get advise on the next possible event or outreach activity.
  • Question 4:  This question is based off how that staff member feels they are being used in the group.  Perhaps they feel that they could do more or need to back off a little bit.
  • Question 5, 6 and 7:  This is strictly for you to see how well you are communicating the vision to your staff.  If all your staff respond in similar fashion then you are doing a great job communicating what is done at group.  However, if you receive a different answer from everyone you need to go back and communicate what your trying to accomplish in this particular ministry.  Remember, vision is the key to ministry.  Without vision the people perish.
  • Question 8, 9, and 10:  These questions related to question four.  It helps answer the question how that individual feels like they are being used in your ministry.  Again, this is for you to use to find out if that person can add more or take off some responsibility.  Remember, the church is a place to remove the burdens of the people, not to add more to their load.

Please also remember to give the survey with some things in mind.  You can give this survey in your set meeting time but you need to prompt staff before hand.  This lets them know it’s coming up so they have time to think. We send the survey out in an e-mail to give the staff ample time to fill out their responses.  it’s a good thing to set a completion date so people have something to shoot for.  Often times when you just throw a survey out there without an end date it gets forgotten.

Remember as well that this is just what we do.  You might need to ask a few more questions in relation to the culture your ministering or tailor it to fit your group.  Remember to keep surveys simple and easy so that it’s not overwhelming on the people taking them.  One last thing, YOU need to take the survey as well.  If you’re not going to do it, why do you expect other people to?

I hope this helps.



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