Wise Up

“I have a problem.”

How many times have you heard those words drop from someone’s mouth?  Every time I turn around I hear people talking about their issues.  Example?  Young people struggling in school with various pressures from dating to homework, college students juggling jobs, studies, and relationships, marriages on the rocks, and even people who can’t to keep their finances in order.  (Did I strike a chord?  I hope so.)  All across the board, everyone has problems.  It’s inevitable.

The one reason people get into situations that they can’t get out of is all to lack of wisdom.  They don’t stop and think about what the outcomes will be regarding the decisions they just made.  How quick we are to forget about patience. (It’s a virtue.)  Think about the decisions you made just today.  What if you spent a few moments, hours, weeks, or months listening and asking questions first instead of just jumping into that situation, how would things be different now?  I understand that sometimes a decision needs to be made a moments notice and that’s is why we need to be wise.

Forgotten principle number one: The Holy Spirit gives you wisdom.

Think about that for a couple of minutes before moving on.  The Holy Spirit gives us (the believer) wisdom.  Wisdom is poured out on the new Christian (Proverbs 1:23) at the moment of salvation.  How quick we are to forget the gifts that the spirit dispenses instantly when we fist believe.  God equips (or hooks us up) with gifts from the Spirit to aid in our every day life so we can defend the attacks from the enemy.  One of those gifts from the spirit is being wise.  (“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise.” Ephesians 5:15)  Wisdom doesn’t leave the believer as some would think, it’s always there.  The question is, how much are we willing to use that wisdom or how much are we getting hooked up with being wise?

Maybe the real problem is that we, as believers, have issues and experience problems because we truly don’t always see that God’s way is the best way.  (Notice I didn’t say the easy way or the popular way.)  Sometimes our problems are self inflicted as Christians because we have the tenancy to complicate life by making things more difficult than they already.  This means that we walk outside of God’s plan for our lives by being unwise and doing things on our own.  A lot of Christian brothers and sisters have problems because they ignore or are ignorant of the wisdom of God.  (“For the simple are killed by their turning away, and the complacency of fools destroys them; but whoever listens to me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.” (Proverbs 1:32-33)

True wisdom is the only way we have the ability to get out of our problems and circumstances we find ourselves in.  That wisdom can only come from God.  (“But whoever listens to me will live safely and be at ease, without fear of harm” Proverbs 1:33)  Understand that this doesn’t always mean you’re life will be on easy street because you are guided by wisdom.  You won’t always be problem-free, but I can guarantee that you see less trouble brought on yourself and other people.

Let God hook you up.  Let the wisdom of the Holy Spirit flow through your veins as you dive deeper into the word of God.  Let God’s Holy Spirit, who is always with you, guide, lead, and protect your life.  It’s part of the free gift of salvation.

Praise God!



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