Laying Down Your Gifts

The life of Isaac as a young man (a teenager if you will) is rarely discussed in the events of Genesis.  The first time we catch up with this young buck is while following his father on the way to be slaughtered.  He is about to be sacrificed because Dad “said so”.  Isaac had to be nervous.  He knew what was coming.  He grew up learning how to make sacrifices for sins.  He knew the drill.  I picture this young man standing there, shaking in his sandals over what was about to take place.  Questions appearing in his mind;  What did I do?  Why me?  This makes absolutely no sense?  Is Dad crazy?

This quest was no walk in the park for Abraham either.  A lot of people look at the story of Abraham and Isaac and see the great faith Abraham had to do God’s will.  That’s true.  It was, after all, Abraham’s “supreme test”.  I can’t even imagine the war that was going on inside Abraham’s head.  He was promised Isaac by the God Most High.  Through his son a great nation would rise up.  Now God wants Abraham to kill him?  What was God thinking?

However, it wasn’t Abraham’s or Isaac’s business to know God’s plans.  They both just needed to stay faithful in the process and carry out God’s will, even if they didn’t understand.  Their job was to leave the consequences with God and remember He is in control.  They had faith in God’s words because He would fulfill his promise.

So what?  Abraham and Isaac had faith.  What’s the corrilation to my life?  How does it apply to today?

The simple truth of the whole story is that, as God’s children, we need to love God more than we love the gift. Abraham could have chosen to keep Isaac for himself.  After all, God gave it to him and it’s his right (I here that a lot today.  It’s my right.  I have rights.  I don’t think that entirely correct.) to keep it.  Abraham and Isaac don’t roll that way though.  They understood how important it was to give back to God what God had already given to them first. Abraham saw Isaac as a gift from God and if you want it back, so be it.  Abraham knew sacrificing his son was the means God chose to get the job done.  He was ready to lay down the gift of God on the alter, even if he didn’t see the importance or know the reasons in advance.  God said so, so I’ll do it.  Isaac saw his life as a gift from God as well.  If death on an alter was supposed to be how he was going to go, so be it.  IF God wanted it done, it had to be done.  It was their job to remain faithful.

Just like Abraham and Isaac, we need to have faith to lay down our gifts at the alter.  We need to have faith in the process of God’s plans, even if its uncomfortable or inconvenient for us.  We need to love God more than we love the gifts He has given us.  We need to understand that He will provide and work for our greatest good if we are faithful to Him alone.

After all, Father knows best.



1 Response to “Laying Down Your Gifts”

  1. 1 Mike November 24, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    There are times when God will strip you of everything you know…your job, your health, everything you know that helps you feel secure. It is in these times that we will try to tell God what His will is for us. That is a dangerous place to be. God has a sense of humor that we cannot fathom sometimes. Trying to learn what God has planned is not a fun place to be. It is a painful place where we are turned inside-out when you have to wait to see what God has planned for us. I can imagine how twisted in turmoil that Abraham faced going up the mountain with Issac. Until we are placed in a position where we HAVE to fully trust God, then we will never really learn what Abraham and Issac went through. That scares me to realize that sometimes God will force us to lay our gifts, and everything we have on the altar to fully find and enjoy His will.

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