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On December 9th I will be heading out to Grace College and Seminary to speak to the Foundations and Philosophy of Youth Ministry class.  T.K., as most of you know him as, asked me to share with the class, “Now that I’m out of School and in youth ministry…”  The basis of the material will consist of things that I wish I had know before I went into the ministry, things I wish I would have taken more seriously, or ______________ (I fill in the blank).

Where do you come in?  Well, as I was studying and putting together the material, I started to wonder what other people in the ministry think (like you).  What would people outside my culture and environment that I minister to daily say?  Would we line up?  If so, how?  How would we differ?  Well enter the joy of the internet and the amazing invention called the “blog”.  Where instead of having to make a million phone calls, I can point them to the comment feature located above.

So you in youth ministry, I have a question to ask…

Now that you’re out of School and in youth ministry, what are some things that you wish you knew before you went into the ministry?  What are some things you wish you had taken more seriously?  What else would you add to this statement, “Now that I’m out of school and in youth ministry…”?

I await your response.



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