Insights From T.K.

I had a chance to eat brunch with T.K. (one of my old profs) at Grace on Tuesday. As we discussed church, youth ministry, the Steelers, and people in general, he said something that I think is crucial key to handling feedback in the ministry.

It goes something like this…

In ministry, when you get an encouraging e-mail, letter, memo, etc., keep it. Put it away for another time. Encouraging notes with uplifting words can continue to minister personally in your life after they had the immediate effect.

When you get a negative e-mail, letter, memo, etc. deal with it. When the negativity is over and the problem is solved, throw it away. It’s important to fix the problem (if there is one), work to right the wrong, and move on. Don’t keep negative e-mail around.

While some of us already knew the previous two, here’s the kicker. If you get a e-mail, letter, memo, etc. from an anonymous person don’t ever look at it or give it the time of day. Get rid of it, refuse to even peak at the information. If someone can’t address you by revealing who they are, then the comments they have aren’t worth your time.




1 Response to “Insights From T.K.”

  1. 1 Mike December 10, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    This is great knowledge that applies not only to ministry, but in everyone’s life.

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