Just a Thought

Everyone has the ability to lead.  I think the real defining trait of a leader is understanding that there is going to be a great amount of pain and anguish in the process.  The simple truth is, even though people kick and scream, grumble and complain, they long for someone to lead them.  Few lead, many follow.  Leading is hard work, full of difficult problems, but the outcome is worth it.  Especially in the ministry.  Our work is eternal.

I’ve watched various people try to lead for some time.  Some are doing an awful job because they refuse to step up to the plate and feel the heat.  They just refuse to open their mouth and confront because their scared of what “could happen”.  On the other hand, I have seen others honing their skills, breaking out, speaking truth freely.  They confront the non-confrontable.  These people are passionate about the things only God can do.  They realize they are powerless without the Lord.  They are daily faithful in leading by focusing on what God “can” and “will” do through them.

A great leader will always have times of doubts or feelings of weakness.  We might even think some things are impossible or will never work.  However, those are times we sink into the arms of our Savior and put everything we have in him.  When I can’t make it, think I’m going to fail, or step out on a limb, I know Christ will provide because I believe in His truth.  I put my faith in Him alone.  My leadership comes from Him alone.  I lead and instruct through His example, even if it’s not popular.

Just a thought.



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