Go For It

Babylon was full of false gods (America?).  The president (if you will) Nebuchadnezzar calls everyone he can outside of the Christian faith (psychics, magicians, enchanter, etc.) to tell him the impossible; what he dreamed the night before and what it means.  The psychics tell the King he is out of his mind.  Their actual words were, “there is not a man on earth who can meet his demands.”.

Maybe they were right about one thing.

No man could tell Nebuchadnezzar his dream and what it meant (we’ll get to that in a second).  The short of the story is that Nebuchadnezzar got so mad, he tells the “spiritual leaders” of Babylon that he’s going to kill them and their families because they fall short of his demands.  Daniel get’s word about this “decree” to kill the “wise” men and wonders how this whole thing got so out of hand.  So Daniel takes a huge a leap of faith and tells Nebuchadnezzars servant to make a time for him to meet with the king and he’ll tell him his dream and what it means.

Without even thinking Daniel goes to work for God.  He doesn’t even stop to think maybe God can’t make this happen.  Daniel knows God is going to do the impossible.  He know’s it.  He takes a step of faith and puts himself out there.  What’s the worst that could happen?  He’s going to die anyway.

Within moments Daniel and his entourage are huddled for a time of prayer asking God to go the distance.  Their faithful to Him.  Their doing His will in a foreign land.  They know He’ll answer their cry.  They understand their worthless without Him.  They ask God to do something massive, something life changing, to show himself over all other false gods in the community.


Due to Daniels faith, God comes through in a monumental way and shows him the dream in the middle of the night.  So what does Daniel do?  He gets back on his knees and thanks God for doing what he asked.  He praises the real King of kings even more for revealing himself to Daniel.


Application?  Go out on a limb and ask God to do the impossible.  Put some faith in the fact that God is in the business of blowing your mind because of your faith in Him.  However, don’t stop there.  Praise God for all that He does.  Not just a “hey thanks God” but a massive outcry of praise and rejoicing.

think about it.



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