Have I lost my first love, Jesus Christ?

Am I more caught up with being relevant to the world, looking the part, saying the right things, and worrying about what other people think or am I actively pursuing what the Bible says?  If not, why am I frightened by giving everything to GOD?

Although I call myself a “Christian”, how far does my faith in Christ run?  Am I willing to fully surrender myself to His will?

Would people call me a Christian if they never heard that word before through the way I speak, act, react, etc.?

Have “we” (the church, global) lost our love for Jesus Christ?  Do we care more about the color of the carpet, the delivery of the message, the style of music, and the articles of clothing on our leaders than we do about the guy who died on the cross for our sins?

Why are we so scared of evangelism and discipleship?



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