He Said What?

It’s amazing how innovative people become when there’s no back door-and no option to quit.

One of the primary factors that contributed greatly to the success of Elevation (particularly in the first year) was the “come hell or high water” commitment of our core team.  We were going to birth a powerful church or die trying.  But giving up and trying something else was never on the radar.  These people had burned the proverbial bridges when they moved to Charlotte to start the church.  No plan B.  No diversification strategy.  No escape route.  No back door.

So we had to make it work.  Which meant we had to innovate.

When you leave yourself the option to quit if it gets too rough, it switches off your innovation mechanism.  Because when you run headlong into the kind of severe frustration that has the potential to spark a breakthrough concept, you start figuring out how to get out instead of how to fight through.

I know sometimes it’s wise and appropriate to cut your losses and move on.  But many people miss the blessings and breakthroughs born only by perseverance because they keep one hand on the back door.

-Pastor Steven Furtick


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