This year I have been working at changing my negative perceptions of events, situations, and circumstances that take place in every day life.  In other words, I’m working to discipline myself, to reverse my natural instinct of constantly looking at the negatives in life to see the positives.  In this discipline, the final outcome is ultimately to have the ability to adjust my perspective instantly, in any situation, to eliminate the negatives so that the proper focus can be on God, his hand moving, and seeing where He is constantly working and providing in all things.

A few recent examples…

  1. Our car died the other day.  This puts Bethany and I down to one vehicle (my wife commutes over sixty miles, one way, to school and I commute almost seven miles to church, one way, so two vehicles is almost a must.).  The common natural perspective is negative.  We are going to have to cancel events, meetings, and be frustrated with figuring out schedules.  Instead, we switch our focus to a positive perspective so that we can see the hand of God moving and providing.  We saw someone in our church willing to loan us a car while we get ours fixed, another friend was willing to help us get it fixed for a lower cost, and another friend provided us with towing help.  Plus we even gained some options by being patient on God so we can possibly sell the old car and getting another one.  The list of good that has come out of a “bad” situation is incredible when your perspective changes.  We must see God in the midst of the problem.  Instead of jumping on the negative, getting frustrated and upset, we look to see where God’s hand is moving, in and through His people.
  2. The other night our drummer was unable to make youth worship band practice.  This puts us in a hard place with three guitar players, a bass, and no drummer.  The common natural perspective is to look at the negatives.  The rule is if you don’t play at practice, you don’t play on Sunday night.  How do we make our “set” work without a drummer?  Students were getting frustrated, restless, and uneasy.  We could have sat around and complained about the problem.  Instead, we switch from negative perspective to focus on the positives.  We taught the young people that worship can be done without drums, without someone we think is “key” in the band.  We taught the youth that worship is not about the people present but the attitude we have in our hearts as we praise the King.  We played with what we had and it was a sweet sound in God’s ears because our hearts were in the right place.  We left knowing that sometimes people fail us but God never does and we worshiped Him for that.

You have to choose how you will look at events and circumstances in your life.  Everyone has a perception when entering a circumstance.  You choose how you will see what is taking place before your very eyes.  The question is, will it be positive or negative?  Although looking at a situation in a positive light can be uncomfortable, it helps us grow our relationship with God and further matures us as Christians in the faith.  It’s not easy, it’s necessary.  You must make the choice to see the hand of God in all things or remain an infant.

Where are you at today?  How are you perceiving what is taking place around you?  Are you constantly focused on the negatives?  Do you need to work at readjusting your focus?  Do you need to start to see all the great that God is doing?  Work at it.  In all areas of life, work to change your perspective.  God is providing for his people, moving through the body, it’s up to you to see it.

Work at changing your perspective on life.



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