Friday Mind Dump

I cannot even tell you how excited I was to find a frozen pizza in the freezer for lunch today!  You know your getting old when little things like that get you excited as I am.

Today I started what could be the longest project ever; Taking all my Cd’s (over 1,000 disks) and putting them on my external hard drive.  It’s a good thing I can do other tasks while the transfer happens.  (Side note: How amazing would it be if I had all my music on record.  I love vinyl!)

I remember when I was a kid that whenever I watched movies just even hinted at sexual references or were even close to being considered offensive my mom would flip out.  I hated her for it back then but now I respect my parents dedication to try and shield my eyes.  I think parents need to take more time trying to shield their kids eyes.  When we have movies out like, “Zach and Miri Make a Porno” that are flat out explicit, I start to worry about kids, parents, and people in general.  Are we becoming passive with what we care about?  Are the standards becoming lower?  How did this happen?

Good things are happening at our church.  It’s awesome to see good present itself through things I would have never thought God could work through.

I got a taste of Summer (a few days were over 50 degrees here) and now it’s cold again.  That means I’m back to cold feet and a motorcycles that’s stuck in the garage.  Here’s to more waiting for the sunshine.  However, baseball spring training has started.  I can’t wait for baseball!

Let’s go Cubs!



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