Pain Doesn’t Last

The last couple of weeks have been hard in ministry land (hard is a generous word).  I wish I could say that everything is peachy and the trees are in full bloom.  However, I find myself wondering just what God is up to in our little town and in my life.

Through the hardships though, I’m learning.

That matters.

The biggest lesson these past couple of weeks is to remain focused on the concept that the pain inflicted from people doesn’t last.

People are pretty good at making you either feel great about what your doing in life (and in the ministry) or they excel at letting you know how much they can’t stand the ground you walk on.  Although most negativity is rarely ever expressed in verbal conversations, the actions of those who oppose you speak louder than words.

With that said, understand and embrace this concept; the pain doesn’t last.

The pain caused by people is nothing compared to the joy experienced through the Word of God.  If I remain focused on the promises of people and feast after the desires of praise from men, I will never come to know true satisfaction.  Therefore, I will focus on the promise of God and praise Him for the mighty work He has done in my life and in the lives of others who are continually being renewed by the transforming of their minds in the ministry we have here in our community.  No matter how bad people can offend you, your family, or your ministry, the pain they inflict will not last forever.

The Lord will lift up the righteous and cast the wicked to the ground.  He will vindicate His people and have compassion on His servants.  Those who oppose the righteous will be put to shame and consumed with scorn and disgrace.

Remember that.

God’s love lasts forever.  He is the source of joy and the encourager of hearts.  The glory of God in the end is worth the amount of pain your experiencing in your ministry.  We must continue to keep our eyes on the final outcome, ignoring the personal pain inflicted, striving to reach the goal.  Only then, as we pursue the Prince of Peace daily, will we be able to watch the pain perish.

Think about it.



3 Responses to “Pain Doesn’t Last”

  1. 1 Aaron Sikorski March 5, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    Jordan, Thank you for your honesty the last couple of posts. Let me encourage you that things happen in seasons. It is not winter forever but winters are important. Without death and decay there would be no fertilizer for the spring. Yeah sign me up for that right! 🙂 Remember you are affirmed not by what you do but by who you are. Jesus comes out of the water after being baptized and God says to him This is my son whom I love with him I am well pleased. God is pleased with Jesus before he has done anything. He is pleased with you because you are Jordan and you were created in His image. Also let me encourage you to get away take some time to yourself. Be healed in this season. Turn the cell phone off and don’t look at the email. Sabbath and Rest remind us that the world goes on without us and your not who you are because of the bricks you produce. Read Is 40 Prepare the way of the Lord in the desert not in the well watered places learn to prepare his way in the difficulties. Also let me highly recommend Henri Nouwens book Anyway sorry to ramble but I know what it is like to go through the difficulties. Be blessed and encouraged Jesus is risen and death does not have the final say.

  2. 2 fojeane March 5, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    I am truly thankful for this post and the comment. I sincerely needed to be reminded that pain doesn’t last forever. God is pleased with ME, before I ever did anything? WOW! Thank you all!

  3. 3 theendisforever March 5, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    Aaron, I’ll look into this book and thank you for your comment. Good stuff!

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