The Communication Step

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In Acts chapter eight, Philip encounters a Ethiopian Eunuch on the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.  Luke (the author of Acts) doesn’t say what the eunuch is in the text (a stranger, a gentile converted to Judaism, or someone who fears God) but it’s clear that this man doesn’t believe in Jesus as the Messiah.


As Philip is lead by the Spirit to go down and follow the chariot, he sees the man reading scripture.  Philip yells from the ground “Do you understand what you are reading?”.  The man answers him with an answer that enables Philip to ride with the man instead of walking beside him.  As they look as the passage of scripture together in Isaiah, Philip does something that we often miss as Christians today.

He opens his mouth.

Let me explain.  I often get people who say they are, “using their lifestyle to evangelize”.  Often people tell me that they rarely talk about Christ in life situations because their lifestyle speaks more than their words.  While acting like Christ is good (as we all should strive to become like Christ in our actions), we cannot forget how important the verbal communication step is in evangelism.

The communication step is simply doing exactly what Philip did, opening your mouth.  Philip communicated to the eunuch the gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news,  which explained and affirmed why he acted the way he did and why his lifestyle was the way it was.  Surely Philip was a good person, striving to become like Christ but those actions weren’t not enough.  This eunuch was not going to come to know Jesus because Philip was walking alongside of him in the street.  Philip had to open his mouth.

If Philip (like the other disciples) just simply let people just see Jesus in his life, it would be a shame.  He had to affirm it to the people that Jesus was the Christ was and is the Savior of their sins through opening his mouth.  His lifestyle wasn’t enough, he had to communicate verbally with the people the love of Jesus in conversations, in discussions, in preaching, and in teaching.  They (the disciples) opened their mouths to tell others about the good news of Jesus all the time because they were commanded to do so.

So do the same.

Don’t miss the communication step.  So many people you are around daily (in your job, your school, and your home) need you to open up your mouth and talk to them about why you act the way you do.  Some of them see you as only as a good person and not someone who is an imitation of Christ.  It is our job to go and make disciples and that means opening up our mouths so people can see just why you strive to have your lifestyle pointing to Christ.  I cannot say it enough, we must verbally communicate the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ that is for ALL people.

After all, someone did it for you.

The Holy Spirit wants to speak through you and that involves you opening up your mouth to evangelize.  He (the Holy Spirit) desires for you to open your mouth and let Him communicate what God is doing in your heart to someone else so they can come to a relationship with Him.

Seriously, open your mouth.



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